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CRHI....:cool:Bekanntzugebende Hauptverbindungen
am Ende des Monats bei der Bündelung ihrer Software und Tausende von auch bekanntzugebenden Genehmigenabmachungen. Irgendwelche Gedanken?
21.06.05 21:06:31
Tach !

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CRHI 1200275 US2034161024 AT:763842 DE:763842 GB:2484248

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TeleWRITER Corporation to Make Major Announcements at C3 Expo in New York City

Communications Research, Inc.
Carl R. Ceragno, 201-684-0882
Fax: 201-684-0884
TeleWRITER Corporation
Jeff Cone, 813-220-8490

Communications Research, Inc. (OTCBB:CRHI), Mahwah, announced today that their subsidiary, TeleWRITER Corporation, Tampa, Fla., will double its normal show booth size in anticipation of new products and major announcements to be made at the C3 Expo, Javits Center, June 28-30.

At the exhibition, TeleWRITER Corporation will be announcing major teaming alliances that represent tens of thousands of licenses monthly, in the short and long term. These alliances represent agreements with major manufacturers to bundle TeleWRITER-AGS (Advanced Graphics System) Collaborative Computing Distant Learning software and/or VideoWRITER, the stand-alone whiteboarding solution for multimedia-equipped meeting rooms and classrooms.

TeleWRITER Corporation will introduce a new version of its already feature-packed software that will again make a significant impact on the collaborative computing marketplace. The Company has been working not only on improving their standard product but is also working to release a lower cost light version for student stations that do not require the full TeleWRITER suite of features. Since the software operates on a PC, over an IP or Internet connection, there are no continuing-use charges, booking services or other reoccurring costs as incurred with most competitive products.

Finally, Bill Davis, Director Federal and GSA Sales, is on special assignment to perform due diligence on products and distribution channels in Europe for expanding the company exposure in Europe. The company is further negotiating for representation in the Pacific Rim, but final conclusions may not be drawn in time to release at the Expo.

Attendees and interested end-users should visit TeleWRITER Corporation`s C3 Expo Booth 3340 at the Jacob Javits Center, New York City, to see the system in action, demonstrated by Company President Carl Ceragno, General Manager Jeff Cone and Director of Federal and GSA Sales Bill Davis. All attendee`s receive a 30-day full version demonstration CD and will be entered into a prize drawing for an iPOD and two five-license packs of TeleWRITER-AGS software worth $1,000 each.

The media can visit Virtual Press Office, Inc. (VPO) with their regular accounts for news packets on the exciting announcements and details on all the products. VPO, established in 1996, is a management company offering innovative services to facilitate the communications process between high-tech firms and the media. Information is centralized to ensure that journalists, analysts and industry consultants have the fastest and easiest access to the latest press releases, company backgrounds, white papers and graphics from the world`s premier high-tech companies.

TeleWRITER-AGS collaborative computing software system is the oldest, most cost-effective and feature-rich collaborative computing system in the marketplace today. At its peak, TeleWRITER-AGS had approximately a 60% share of the collaborative computing market in the mid-1990s. TeleWRITER-AGS is rapidly regaining a significant market share in the collaborative computing market, which is predicted to exceed $4.2 billion next year.

This news release contains forward-looking statements regarding CRHI`s business strategies and future plans of operations. Forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties. The company`s risks and uncertainties include: intense price competition; economic, political and regulatory uncertainties; the need to raise additional capital for growth and expansion; and its reliance on the Internet as a means for promoting the software it sublicenses. The forward-looking statements contained in this news release speak only as of the date hereof and CRHI disclaims any obligation to provide public updates, revisions or amendments to any forward-looking statements made herein to reflect changes in CRHI`s expectations or future events.

Hab mir mal 10 k gegönnt!

Interessant auf jeden Fall.
22.06.05 18:23:04
Market Depth For Communications Research Inc Delayed (12:06 PM EDT)

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Time MMID Size Bid
11:12 NITE 50 0.075 ↑
07:30 TDCM 50 0.06
07:30 SCHB 50 0.058
07:30 ETRD 50 0.05
07:30 HILL 50 0.05
07:30 FLCR 50 0.05
07:30 HDSN 50 0.04
07:30 DOMS 50 0.033
07:30 VFIN 50 0.025
07:30 SACM 50 0.02
07:30 AGIS 50 0.010
07:30 FRAN 50 0.010
07:30 PERT 50 0.010
07:30 GNET 0 0.000
07:30 TRAC 0 0.000

Ask Size MMID Time
↑ 0.077 50 SCHB 07:30
0.08 50 PERT 07:30
0.08 50 NITE 11:12
0.09 50 ETRD 07:30
0.09 50 TDCM 07:30
0.10 50 FRAN 07:30
0.10 50 HILL 07:30
0.10 50 SACM 07:30
0.10 50 VFIN 07:30
0.107 50 DOMS 07:30
0.11 50 HDSN 07:30
0.15 50 FLCR 07:30
0.22 50 AGIS 07:30

Time & Sales
Price Size Time
0.075 9233 12:03:58
0.075 9000 11:35:00
0.075 5000 11:12:06
0.075 9233 11:11:52
0.075 9233 11:11:52
0.07 700 09:34:31

So siehts aus!
22.06.05 20:24:42
Plus 14%!
Langsam aber sicher.
27.06.05 14:54:55
:eek:ups na na na langsam
27.06.05 16:55:02
:D----0,10 0,105---0,11----der weg nach oben frei news in der woche schnel......bis 1$

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