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Visijet ist jetzt Advanced Refractive Technologies (ARFR.OB) - 500 Beiträge pro Seite

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VisiJet, Inc. Debuts as Advanced Refractive Technologies; New Ticker Symbol
Monday August 1, 4:33 pm ET

SAN CLEMENTE, CA--(MARKET WIRE)--Aug 1, 2005 -- Advanced Refractive Technologies (OTC BB:ARFR.OB - News) confirmed today that the Company has officially changed its name from VisiJet, Inc. The new corporate name, approved by the shareholders last month, more correctly describes the core business of the company, which is to identify, develop and market innovative technologies that will advance the various refractive and corrective, ophthalmic surgical markets.

In addition to the new corporate name, as of last Thursday, July 28, 2005, Advanced Refractive Technologies began trading in the U.S. under the ticker symbol ARFR, an Over-the-Counter, Bulletin Board listing.

Several new and improved refractive surgery techniques, such as Advanced Refractive`s Epi-LASIK system, are currently revolutionizing the laser vision correction market. According to a review of new laser vision techniques on, "Since Epi-LASIK utilizes neither a blade nor alcohol... patients are likely to feel less pain than in alcohol procedures and to heal faster."

To read the entire article, go to (

Advanced Refractive Technologies is also nearing commencement of the necessary FDA approval process for its break-through waterjet-based, cataract emulsifier -- Pulsatome®. Cataract surgery is the most frequently performed surgery in the United States, and according to the National Eye Institute (, more than half of all Americans by age 80 either have a cataract, or have had cataract surgery.

Kurse gibt es hier:
Bin mit etwas Spielgeld dabei... mehr demnext.
Hallo,hatte die schon mal unter VJET...Die Frage ist ,stimmt es das bis zu 750000000-neue Aktien zur Kapitalerhöhung ausgegeben werden dürfen??Dann würde der Kurs weiter abrutschen...zur zeit ...0,0285$...Grüße...D
Der Kurs hat sich von den Tiefständen schon wieder verdoppelt!

Wissen da einige mehr? Insg. 750 Mio. Aktien sind wohl genehmigt, aber nicht ausgegeben! Eine Verwässerung bei möglichen Beteiligungen gegen Aktien u. ä. könnte passieren. Ein verantwortungsbewusstes Umgehen mit diesem Mittel muss dem Kurs allerdings nicht schaden. ;)

Aus dem letzten Report:

Subject to availability of funding, we expect operating expenses, and related cash requirements, to increase during 2005 in connection with anticipated increased sales and marketing and product development activities. However, our ability to generate cash from operations will be impacted by our dispute with Gebauer, currently our sole supplier, as described in Note 14 to Notes to Financial Statements.
Advanced Refractive Technologies, Inc. Announces Restructuring of Debt
Friday March 31, 8:30 am ET
Delinquent Interest and Penalties Waved

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif., March 31, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) -- Advanced Refractive Technologies, Inc. (ART) (OTC BB:ARFR.OB - News) is pleased to announce that Phase 1 Holdings LLC (PH1), a New York Based Holding Company, has acquired approximately 70% ($4,513,600) of the outstanding convertible debentures issued by ART and currently outstanding. PH1 has agreed to waive all delinquent interest and penalties that ART has incurred to date on the acquired debentures. In addition, all warrants associated with the acquired debentures have been cancelled. PHI has advised ART that it plans to continue to negotiate to purchase the balance of the outstanding debentures.

George Haralampoudis, the managing partner of PH1, said, ``Phase 1 Holdings stands prepared to assist ART in its future fund raising efforts in order to raise the necessary capital to retire the acquired debentures, as well as to fund future acquisitions of new technology in the ophthalmic field, and raise all necessary working capital.''

Mr. Haralampoudis continued, ``Phase 1 Holdings is confident in the potential future success of ART in obtaining and developing new cutting edge technology in the growing ophthalmic medical device and medicinal markets.''

Randal Bailey, the CEO of ART, stated, ``We at Advanced Refractive Technologies, Inc. are pleased that PH1 has agreed to assist the Company and we look forward to working with them in the future.'' He emphasized that this represented a significant advance in ART reducing and restructuring its debt and assisting in implementing its business plan.

About Advanced Refractive Technologies, Inc.

Advanced Refractive Technologies, Inc. is a medical device company focused on the development and marketing of innovative ophthalmic applications that will result in faster, safer and more effective procedures in two of the largest surgical markets in the world: corrective refractive surgery and cataract surgery. The Company is also entering the area of drug discovery through strategic licensing opportunities. Advanced Refractive Technologies is also in the process of developing their Accupulse, a next generation cataract emulsifier, which utilizes the company's proprietary waterjet technology. The Accupulse cataract emulsifier, currently under development, is a device that uses pulsed waterjet technology to remove cataracts -- the most frequently performed surgical procedure in the world. For more information on Advanced Refractive Technologies, please visit its website at

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