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vestas macht wind ;-)) (Seite 799)

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Unglaublich - Putin sorgt sich jetzt um Würmer und Vögel.
Windkraft sei schädlich für die Würmchen.


Oder geht's am Ende vielleicht doch nur darum, dass Russland praktisch ausschließlich vom Öl lebt?
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Kapazitäten werden weiter ausgebaut:

Vestas to establish new nacelle and hub assembly factory in India, quadrupling local manufacturing jobs

News release from Vestas Asia Pacific

Singapore, 10 July 2019

The global demand for wind energy continues to grow both in volume and the number of markets where wind energy offers a sustainable and cost-competitive solution for meeting the world’s energy needs. To address this, improve competitiveness, and expand our supply chain footprint in India, Vestas intends to establish a new nacelle and hub assembly factory in Chennai in the state of Tamil Nadu. The new factory will combine Vestas’ two existing facilities in the state of Tamil Nadu, creating an expanded, optimised and scalable production hub with four times as many local manufacturing jobs in the state.

“By building this expanded production facility, we will serve our customers’ needs in one of our key markets even better and generate hundreds of local jobs, while also improve our global manufacturing footprint and increase our export capabilities from India with the aim of making it a global renewable energy manufacturing hub”, says Vestas Asia-Pacific President Clive Turton.

Vestas Wind Systems | 78,62 €
Wird wohl bald veröffentlicht:
The 800MW project will feature MHI Vestas 9.5MW turbines located some 14 miles south of Martha’s Vineyard.
Vestas Wind Systems | 80,54 €
Floating forward: first WindFloat Atlantic unit ready to head

Once online in 2020, the array, being powered by three 8.3MW MHI Vestas V164 turbines, will produce enough power for 60,000 homes.
https://www.rechargenews.com/wind/1822339/floating-forward-f…" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">
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