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19.06.09 22:58:42
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Publikation: Auslandsstrategie auf dem Prüfstand - KPMG - Jun 19, 2009

- Die globale Rezession trifft auch die Wachstumsmärkte immer stärker. Im Auslandsgeschäft sinken die Margen und Absätze – bei gleichzeitig steigenden Kreditkosten und Risiken. -

"Die Hoffnung auf eine Abkopplung der High Growth Markets vom Abschwung in den Industrienationen hat sich schnell zerschlagen. Die Wachstumsmärkte sind ebenso wie die USA, Japan und Europa von der weltweiten Krise betroffen – mit tief greifenden Folgen für ihre Realwirtschaften. „International agierende Unternehmen sollten angesichts dieser Entwicklung ihre Auslandsstrategie überdenken“, rät Thorsten Amann, Leiter International Markets bei KPMG. „Sie müssen umgehend mit effektiven Maßnahmen auf die neuen Marktbedingungen reagieren.“

In einer Sonderpublikation greift KPMG kritische Fragen auf, die sich jetzt für das Auslandsgeschäft stellen: Welche steuerliche Strategie eignet sich für die Krisenlage? Was ist bei Desinvestitionen zu beachten? Wie lässt sich die schwierige Wettbewerbssituation nutzen? In der Veröffentlichung analysieren KPMG-Spezialisten die aktuellen Herausforderungen und zeigen Lösungsansätze auf."
19.06.09 20:43:42
Beitrag Nr. 8.923 ()
Today's headlines - Point Carbon - Jun 19, 2009

"Today's headlines

*Senate efficiency measures to cut 133 MT GHGs
*RGGI falls 4%, lower auction price expected
*Lawmakers oppose OTC regulation in climate bill
*Carbon closes lower
*Orbeo to buy project developer
*Dow, Gazprom ink offset agreement
*Carbon Disclosure Project launches new indices
*US given daily dose of carbon change
*Polish exchange to link up to Nord Pool
*Spot EUA business shifts to brokers
*Australia postpones renewables decision
*NZ makes ETS changes
*Report backs New Zealand ETS
*Florida weighs cap-and-trade options
*Bluenext, Beijing exchange to partner on CER platform "
19.06.09 20:42:26
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Experts Predict $121 Billion Deficit for US States in 2010- Research Recap - Jun 19, 2009…
19.06.09 20:40:35
Beitrag Nr. 8.921 ()
Global Pharma Outlook Negative as Patents Expire - Research Recap - Jun 19, 2009…

"The outlook for the global pharmaceutical industry remains negative, mainly due to looming patent expirations of top-selling drugs and weakening product pipelines, says Moody’s in a new Global Pharmaceutical Industry Outlook. Key points:

+ Consolidation in the form of M&A or diversification into other health-related businesses such as consumer health will persist as companies seek ways to offset the industry’s main challenges: weaker pipelines and patent expirations of top-selling drugs.

+ Although the industry is not as exposed to a recession as others, a prolonged economic downturn could result in more pricing pressure and slowdowns in revenue growth as governments seek to ease the healthcare burden, especially in the US.

+ Healthcare reform in the US will likely increase pricing pressure on prescription drug companies, but may benefit generic manufacturers. Challenging regulatory hurdles, including the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) more cautious stance toward new-drug approvals also adds a layer of uncertainty.

+ Financial performance should remain relatively solid over the near term. Companies continue to report good profits, have strong balance sheets and post good cash-flow generation. Some companies have undertaken restructuring efforts to reduce costs in an effort to help mitigate the impact of current industry challenges.

In an effort to boost their pipelines and offset some of the revenue that will likely be lost as patent exclusivity expires, some companies have picked up the pace of acquisitions, especially mega-deals. “Consolidation in the form of M&A or diversification into other health-related businesses, such as consumer health, is likely to persist as companies seek ways to offset the industry’s main challenges. However, these activities usually result in increased leverage and could, in some cases, create downward rating pressure.”

European pharmaceutical companies appear to be bucking the negative trend, according to a new Industry Report Card from Standard & Poor’s. Rated pharmaceutical firms recorded like-for-like organic sales up 5.3% on average in the first quarter of 2009 on the same period of last year.

“The sector appears to be barely scathed by the economic recession,
primarily because medicines in developed markets are mostly financed by health insurance schemes and their market prospects are swelled by growing populations with increasingly unhealthy lifestyles.”

"What’s more, the large (European) pharmaceutical companies will in our view continue to be buoyed over the next few years by their strength in emerging markets, compensating for more sluggish growth in the large U.S. market."

Manufacturers such as Bayer AG (A-/Negative/A-2), sanofi-aventis S.A. (AA-/Stable/A-1+), or AstraZeneca PLC (AA-/Stable/A-1+) have strong positions in emerging markets, explained partly by their early entry to those markets and partly by their geographic proximity. European manufacturers also benefit from promising late-stage pipelines for patented drugs.

Standard & Poor’s therefore expects their credit quality to remain stable through 2009, reflecting these strong operating trends, the report says. “Nevertheless, we see a heightened risk that companies could adopt more aggressive financial policies, which could potentially result in negative rating actions.”

Fitch Ratings recently issued its Global Pharmaceutical R&D Pipeline (First-Quarter 2009)
Latest Analyst Comments from Alacra StreetPulse on Bayer AG (BAY), sanofi-aventis SA (SAN), and AstraZeneca plc (AZN). "
19.06.09 20:35:56
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Pala loses Rockwell bid - Minngmx - Thu, 18 Jun 2009

- Brendan Ryan -
19.06.09 14:55:26
Beitrag Nr. 8.919 ()
19.06.09 14:28:52
Beitrag Nr. 8.918 ()
[POH] Phosphagenics signs agreement with CSL - Australianinvestor - 19-Jun-2009

"Phosphagenics Limited has signed a research and option agreement with CSL Limited.

The early stage research collaboration will focus on evaluating Phosphagenics’ proprietary TPM delivery technology to deliver large proteins.

Under the arrangement, Phosphagenics will develop new formulations containing its patented TPM delivery system in combination with a number of CSL’s protein based formulations. "
19.06.09 14:26:58
Beitrag Nr. 8.917 ()
[WRK] Warwick, Atlas Iron and Hannans to consolidate iron projects - Australianinvestor - 19-Jun-2009

"Warwick Resources Limited has entered into agreements with Hannans Reward Ltd and Atlas Iron Ltd to purchase the Jigalong Project iron rights in the East Pilbara region of Western Australia.

This transaction is an important first step in the consolidation process of iron projects located in the East Pilbara.

The Company’s short term focus will be to prove up the iron potential at Woggaginna and at Jigalong and its other Pilbara based iron projects. In addition, development options will be investigated with other iron focused companies with a view of establishing a new iron ore mine in the region. "
19.06.09 13:25:44
Beitrag Nr. 8.916 ()
[BCI] BC Iron announces $A22 Million Capital Raising - Australianinvestor - 19-Jun-2009

"BC Iron Limited will undertake a $22 million capital raising by a combination of institutional placement and underwritten entitlements issue.

The company will place 8.5 million new shares at $1.10 per share to raise $9.4 million. Under the entitlement issue 11.46 million new shares will be issued on the basis of one new Share for every six shares held to raise an additional $12.6 million.

Net proceeds will be used for capital development costs for the Nullagine Joint Venture, working capital and general corporate purposes. "
19.06.09 13:19:54
Beitrag Nr. 8.915 ()
[POL] Caliwinga Tenement Granted - Australianinvestor - 19-Jun-2009

"Polaris Metals has announced the grant of the Caliwinga tenement, E77/1558 which covers 50 square kilometres.

The tenement is the western one of two that comprises Polaris’ 100 per cent owned eelumurra Project.

Field reconnaissance of the Caliwinga tenement is planned to commence in the coming week leading to drill targeting. Subject to approvals, it is intended to commence drilling at Caliwinga later in 2009. "
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