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Namibian Cabinet Supports Plan to Issue All Mineral Permits to State Miner


Namibia’s Cabinet said it last month endorsed plans to issue all mining and mineral exploration permits to the uranium and diamond-rich African nation’s state- owned mining company, Epangelo.

At a meeting on March 29, Cabinet supported a proposal that uranium, gold, copper, coal, diamonds and rare earth metals are declared “strategic minerals,” it said in a statement received by e-mail today. “Cabinet endorsed that the right to own licenses for strategic minerals will only be issued to a state company.”

Namibia is considering changing mining laws to ensure its citizens receive more benefit from the nation’s mineral wealth, Finance Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila said on March 9. The southern African nation is the world’s biggest miner of offshore diamonds, the fourth-largest uranium producer and also has deposits of gold, coal and copper.

Shares in minerals companies with operations in Namibia, including uranium miner Extract Resources Ltd. (EXT), have fallen on concern about government plans for the industry.

“Reports quoting Namibia’s mining minister declaring uranium, copper, gold, zinc and coal would face legislation later this year giving the state exclusive exploration and mining rights have understandably concerned industry officials,” Glen Chipman, an analyst at Bank of America Corp. Merrill Lynch in Sydney, wrote in a report. “At this very early stage, it appears there could be some misconstrued elements.”


Die genauen Auswirkungen lassen sich zu diesem Zeitpunkt natürlich noch nicht benennen.
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 41.431.835 von MFC500 am 29.04.11 19:59:19De Beers wird das nicht gefallen :cool:

Aber wie sollen das die Schwarzen denn alles selber auf die Reihe kriegen ? Läuft dann halt so ab, wie im Kongo

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