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Für alle die Raven Monn Entertainment noch nicht kennen :D

Einige Gründe um jetzt noch einzusteigen:

"Raven Moon closed 2/27/2004 at $0.041, a price that in my opinion is much undervalued. I base that opinion on the huge potential Raven Moon has once it begins its strategy patterned after that employed by the promoters of `Barney.` If all 15 of Raven Moon`s episodes are completed by the fall of 2004, that strategy will be implemented starting before year end," stated Larry Oakley, Wallstreetcorner.com

... und

Raven Moon Entertainment, Inc. (OTC BB: RVNM)
An Editorial by Rick Stephan

[Note: Rick Stephan recently joined Small-CapTrader as Editor-in-Chief.]

You’ve probably heard about Raven Moon. If not, you can get a background by viewing their website, www.ravenmoon.net. I’ve been watching this company for a while, and recently had the pleasure of interviewing their CEO, Joey DiFrancesco.

What intrigued me most is RVNM’s business strategy, a plan patterned after the strategy that worked so well with “Barney.” About 15 Barney episodes were sent at no charge to hundreds of TV stations nationwide. The stations aired one episode each day for three weeks, then repeated that sequence in the following three-week periods. If you have children or grandchildren, like me, you probably were exposed to Barney and the catchy song associated with those episodes.

It’s estimated that the various entities involved in the success of Barney inked license arrangements that generated about \$5 billion in just five years. RVNM has already completed nine of its episodes featuring “Gina D`s Kids Club,” with eight more planned. The plan is to provide them to TV stations beginning this fall.

I feel that “Gina D’s Kids Club” has an excellent chance to approach Barney’s success. In fact, Dr. Janice K. Battenberg, Educational Child Psychologist at Ball State University stated: “ `Gina D’s Kids Club’ is the best new children’s educational program since Sesame Street which satisfies stations’ FCC requirements.”

RVNM’s Promotional Foundation

RVNM is engaged in an aggressive program of pre-promotion activities that serve as the preliminary foundation for the roll-out of its 17 episodes this fall. RVNM has already completed a great many promotional activities. Here are a few examples:

1. RVNM and JB Toys arranged for the “Cuddle Bug”— a cute plush toy created as just one of the characters featured on “Gina D’s Kids Club” shows—to be featured on NBC’s Saturday Today Show over the last three weekends. It will be repeated this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (4/30, 5/1, and 5/2).

Campbell Brown and Lester Holt, co-hosts of the Saturday Today Show, have been wearing the Cuddle Bug during the past weeks, and when the cameras pan to them, Lester Holt says, “We’re promoting something here, but I’m not quite sure what it is.”

That “teaser” has intentionally posed a mystery, one that will soon be solved because “Gina D” is expected to make an appearance with the cuddle bug during the Saturday Today Show to promote her new upcoming show.

The folks in the crowd outside of the Saturday Today Show in New York have also been happy to wear the JB Toys “Cuddle Bug” for the NBC Cameras. You see them during the Weather Man’s segment in the Plaza each time the camera pans to the Plaza showing the people holding Cuddle Bugs.

2. In addition to the Today Show, New Yorkers and their visitors have been watching images of “Gina D” with the Cuddle Bug and her Kids Club friends on the NBC Astrovision, that enormous Panasonic Screen at One Times Square, NY. Because of the location of the NBC Astrovision Screen in the heart of Times Square, Raven Moon`s “Gina D`s Kids Club” characters and JB Toy`s “Cuddle Bug” are exposed to billions of people worldwide. In addition, advertisements for the “Gina D`s Kids Club” air every hour between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 a.m. daily.

As Joey DiFrancesco pointed out, “Times Square is the perfect place for us to launch our `Gina D`s Kids Club` and `Cuddle Bug` promotions. We appreciate all the support that we’ve received from the Saturday Today Show. The exposure is priceless.”

3. On May 12, 2004, Gina D will be visiting children on behalf of the Kids Wish Network, a non-profit organization that tries to comfort sick children. She will present children with Cuddle Bugs from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY.

4. On June 12, 2004, Gina D will appear on behalf of Radio Disney NY to sing the Star Spangled Banner to open the Aaron Carter concert at the Yankee Minor League Stadium on Staten Island to an audience of about 5,000 people.

New Milestones for RVNM

April 27, 2004: JB Toys, LLC and Serendipity Ltd. announced plans to form a joint venture to manufacture, market, and distribute select toys inspired by “Gina D`s Kids Club,” “Mr. Bicycle Man,” Gina D and “The Transistor Sisters,” and other future animated projects produced by Executive Producers Joey & Bernadette DiFrancesco for Raven Moon Entertainment, Inc. and Raven Animation Inc.

The joint venture with Serendipity Ltd. came after Serendipity USA signed a license request for a number of products including the “Gina D`s Kids Club” Dandy Candy line that was on display at the Toy Building during the NY Toy Fair.

Some of the Serendipity USA products that will be included in the new joint venture agreement include the “Gina D`s Kids Club” license of the “The Dandy Candy Line,” “Wall and Table Clocks,” “Digital Cameras for Kids,” “Fiber Optic Home Decor,” “Bathroom Bath Tub Play Environments,” “Dance Mats,” “Limbo Rock,” “Animated Dolls with Changeable Speech Chips for Gina D and Miss Muffin,” “Shaped Cookies in Kids Clubhouse Box,” and “Magical Gel Shape Stick-ums.”

In addition to the products from the “Gina D`s Kids Club” license, Serendipity has expressed an interest in manufacturing and distributing toys and products including “Gina D and The Transistor Sisters” and the award winning “Mr. Bicycle Man.” “Mr. Bicycle Man” was created by Joey & Bernadette DiFrancesco who licensed the character exclusively to JB Toys, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of RVNM for 10 years. Gina D, who recorded the “Mr. Bicycle Man” theme song, will also appear in the animated “Mr. Bicycle Man” public service announcements. Under the direction of Mike Gibilisco, the announcements are currently being animated by former Disney Animators who are now part of the Raven Animation, Inc. team.

Joey DiFrancesco explained, “The joint venture is being formed to promote the whole line of toys more effectively. Under the terms of the joint venture, RVNM shareholders will benefit by receiving a bigger piece of the pie.”

Serendipity is a large operation, reporting annual sales of over \$25 million. Backed by its 53,820-square-foot factory in Mainland China, it can easily produce 100,000 pieces of various products monthly.

April 29, 2004 : BKS Entertainment has agreed to provide nationwide syndication services for “Gina D’s Kids Club.” I quote some of the text from RVNM’s news release today:

”BKS Entertainment is known for its use of innovative strategies and flexible marketing approaches for finding the best distribution channels for television projects; developing win-win barter deals and other programming packages; offering marketing and consulting expertise drawn from over 60 years of combined experience in all aspects of the business including syndication, licensing, producing and programming; discovering the potential audiences in various new media; and bringing sponsors to programming packages to help translate ideas into realities.

BKS Entertainment acts as an agent for producers of television programs by marketing and selling those programs to television networks, TV stations and cable networks—both domestically and internationally—for cash or barter.

BKS Entertainment has successfully distributed several programs including the “Dooley and Pals Show” which is now on over 60% of the US markets, “Courage Colorado”, “Black Superstars of Music”, and “Its Showtime at the Apollo,” among others.”

Joey DiFrancesco says: “BKS Entertainment has a proven track record of providing real results when it comes to syndication. The successful syndication of the “Gina D’s Kids Club” program will unlock many licensing, merchandising, and toy opportunities for Raven Moon, JB Toys, and our shareholders.”

RVNM closed last evening (4/28/2004) at $0.038, a price that, in my opinion, is undervalued. :D

For more information, contact Marc Jablon at (407) 877-5952, or visit http://www.ravenmoon.net.
Note: Rick Stephan, who just came aboard at Small-CapTrader as Editor-in-Chief, is a noted author and one of the country’s leading marketing professionals. He developed successful campaigns for such Fortune 500 companies as AT&T, IBM, DuPont, J&J, Xerox, Citicorp, ITT, Boeing, and others. He established a multi-million dollar advertising and consulting firm in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, working with such clients as the Saudi Ministry of Defense, Northrop, Lockheed, Mobil, and Bechtel. He has been involved with financial publications for over 15 years, and his contributions have been recognized by numerous awards for creative excellence and achievement, as well as an extraordinary certificate from the Department of Commerce for significantly increasing America’s international trade.

... und

Mr. Oakley continued, " The promoters of `Barney` were able to ink many licenses based on their strategy -- it resulted in a huge cash flow for them. Assuming Raven Moon implements its strategy before year end, my target is $1.00 per share :eek: during 2005 , with further increases thereafter."

Auf der Licensing-Show vom 08.06.2004 bis 10.06.2004 in NEW YORK vergibt Raven Monn Entertainment Fersehausstrahlungs- und sonstige Lizenzen :eek: Hier der Link:http://www.licensingshow.com/licensingshow/V40/exhibitor_lis…

Charttechnisch sieht es sehr gut aus :D Siehe:http://www.stockta.com/cgi-bin/analysis.pl?symb=RVNM&num1=4&…

Hier noch die NEWS von Gestern:

Raven Moon In Home Stretch to Complete Production of `Gina D`s Kids Club`
Production of the Final Four Episodes has Begun
ORLANDO, Fla., May 24, 2004 (PRIMEZONE) -- Raven Moon Entertainment Inc. announced today that it has begun production of the final four episodes of " Gina D`s Kids Club" . Executive Producers Joey and Bernadette DiFrancesco reported that Raven Moon is on schedule to complete all 13 episodes in time for the September 2004 launch of the " Gina D`s Kids Club" Television series.

The final four episodes are: " Let`s go to the Zoo" , " Scrapbook Day" , " Shapes and Sizes" , and " Visit to the Doctor" which will begin shooting June 17th. to June 26, 2004 completing 13 episodes the required number for television syndication.

" The quality of the music, animation, and live action contained in the `Gina D`s Kids Club` episodes will set a new standard for children`s programs. The show has everything including Gina D. a real role model who connects with children with her beautiful singing voice. The completion of the 13 episodes allows the company to access multiple revenue streams and take advantage of the worldwide multi-billion dollar license and merchandising opportunities :eek: that could be available to our company for the next ten years. We look forward to sharing our company`s progress at the upcoming annual shareholder`s meeting in July," stated Joey DiFrancesco, Raven Moon CEO.

Raven Moon and JB Toys representatives along with Gina D. star of " Gina D`s Kids Club" will be attending the New York Licensing Show in June along with BKS Entertainment who is currently syndicating the " Gina D`s Kids Club" program to over 900 television stations across the country.:eek:

" Pre-school children love repetition. They watch videos and DVD`s at home over and over again. Therefore our marketing strategy for the television series will also be repetition. Stations who sign on will be required to air the 13 episodes at least once a week and repeat them four times during the initial 52 week run for a total of 52 airings. This is just the minimum. Stations shall have the right to air the episodes more than once a week as certain stations have already requested to do," stated Joey DiFrancesco Raven Moon CEO.

For Television Syndication information call Len Koch at (201) 568-4800 or Keith Jablon at (321) 217-6994. For Promotion call Peter Bennett at (212) 541-5221. For Licensing and Merchandising call David Fingeroth at (210) 703-0811 or Shelly Goldberg at (818) 609-0678 or visit www.ravenmoon.net.

For Raven Moon Entertainment, Inc. investor information call Marc Jablon at (407) 877-5952.

Safe Harbor Act Notice: This release may contain forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties, including without limitation, acceptance of the company`s products, increased levels of competition, product and technological changes, the company`s dependence upon financing and third- party suppliers, and other risks detailed from time to time in the company`s federal filings, annual report, offering memorandum, or prospectus. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Raven Moon Entertainment, Inc.
Marc Jablon
(407) 877-5952

Der frühe Vogel fängt den Wurm ;) Ihr könnt noch vor der Lizenzvergabe einsteigen :D
Für alle die Raven Monn Entertainment noch nicht kennen :D --- sollten es meiden ... ... :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:

@BioTechAnalyse and webweiler

Bash, Bash, Bash ... :D

Euch zwingt doch niemand zu etwas :D
... wobei Dein Beitrag ja eine richtig tiefgehende Analyse zur Grundlage zu haben scheint...
gruß wattnu:cool:
(der sich bei bei Ansicht des o.g. Beitrages #3 fragt, ob w:o immer mehr zum Magnet für Idioten wird)

Halte auch sehr viel von Raven Moon und werde sicher mit einem Teil auf Long bleiben - denke hier wird es noch sehr schnell gute Überraschungen geben.

Könnte gut sein das wir hier auf einer Rakete Sitzen - KZ 0,50 USD wären 1800% !!

Wieso nicht ??


..bleibt am Ball.


Wir sitzen auf einer unterbewerteten OTC-Perle :D Spätestens ab September 2004, wenn die Vermarktung der Gina D´s Folgen beginnt, gehen einigen die Augen auf ;) Dann ist der Zug mit uns als Inhaber 1. Klasse Fahrscheine im Deluxe-Wagon bereits abgefahren :D
Ich glaube, dass Ende 2001 noch nicht mal 1 der Gina D´s Folgen fertiggedreht war :confused: (man beachte den Kurs! Da waren ca. 300 mio. Aktien im Freefloat)

Jetzt haben die schon 13 fertig (und es sind nur ca. 171 mio. Aktien im Freefloat) :D

Vielleicht sehen wir auch bald noch 6,-$ :confused: :D
... uuupps, muss mich korrigieren, es sind jetzt nur ca. 161 mio Aktien im Freefloat :D
Wie schon letztes Jahr ein kluger Kopf schrieb ...

Tremendous Potential -- A Real Sleeper
RVNM is just emerging from its start-up phase. It is entering a market with huge potential.
Explosive Growth .... In our opinion, RVNM is a sleeper & is beginning to enjoy explosive growth.
Habe gerade bei oldMOD um die Löschung des Postings #3 gebeten. Ich hab ja nichts dagegen, daß webweiler seine Meinung kundtut, aber die Art der Darstellung ist eine Zumutung. :mad:
Zum Glück gibt es erst 583 (oder so) Threads zu der Perle, ist noch völlig unentdeckt...:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:

Kopfschüttelnd Heinerle2
(der sie sich vielleicht trotzdem irgendwann mal ansehen wird, denn wenn sie soviele empfehlen, kann sie nur GUT sein....)
Laber nicht blöd rum!
Fakt ist einfach, dass die Jungs in den USA auf Tageshoch geschlossen haben, und Berlin -wenn ich richtig gerechnet habe- ca. 16%!!! unter pari liegt!!!

Also schneller kann man das Zeug eigentlich nicht verdienen :D
Gut das ich heute noch mal dabei war :D


schüttel mal deinen Kopf bei den Thread´s von Internationalmedia AG, da bist du richtig und deine Kritik wird von mehr Leuten gelesen ;)

Unentdeckt ist Raven Monn Entertainment deshalb noch, weil für viele OTCBB-Werte ein Tabu sind und weil andere wiederum (die nicht den Erfolg sehen) garnichts investieren und/oder nicht flüssig sind :D

Raven Moon ist die neue Pixar ;)
Heinerle müsste vpm vielen Kopfschütteln allmählich der Kopf ziemlich weh tun...;)
Guter Schlusskurs in Amiland...Denke die Zahlen sind verarbeitet, ab Juni hagelts News und Ende des Jahres stehen wir bei mindestens 0,25€.:lick:
:cool: Das lästige #3 wurde entfernt :D

Danke Borealis ;)

Hat jemand noch irgend eine oder mehrere Meinung/en zu Raven Moon die eine heiße Diskussion auslöst? :D
Der Makler hat sich doch schlafen gelegt.;)
Bei meiner Order gestern mußte ich auch erst bei der Börse anrufen und ihn wecken lassen, damit die ausgeführt wird.
Die EXPLOSION steht bevor :D Das wird mehr als nur ein TENBAGGER ;)
Warum steht die Explosion Deiner Meinung nach bevor?

Also mir solls recht sein... ich bin dabei.

mounteverest und lennox ---- ihr seid doch die oberpusher schelchthin. schonmal auf den kurs geschaut?

Last 10 trades

Time Price Volume Exchange Info

09:40:25 0.033 50000 OTCBB
09:40:23 0.033 15000 OTCBB
09:35:46 0.033 36000 OTCBB at Bid
09:35:46 0.033 200000 OTCBB at Bid
09:34:54 0.033 500 OTCBB at Bid
09:34:54 0.033 24500 OTCBB at Bid
09:34:54 0.033 24500 OTCBB at Bid
09:34:54 0.034 500 OTCBB
09:30:29 0.034 10000 OTCBB
09:30:29 0.034 10000 OTCBB

habt ihr eigentlich nie ein schlechtes gewissen, bei dem scheiß, den ihr hier verzapft??? schämt ihr euch nie?

verbrenne du mal dein Geld bei Sun Network, die ohne Substanz sind und heute nicht mal 0,0000001$ Wert sind :laugh::laugh::laugh:

Raven Moon hingegen ist ein Edelstein :D
mount - wenn du da mal nicht einen ganz fürchterlichen fehler machst...
eigentlich solltest du den titel des thread einmal umbennen in :


warum???? dann seht euch mal die letzten zahlen an!!!


Three months ended
March 31, March 31,
2004 2003
----------- -----------

Sales of plush toys $ 70 $ 204,275
Sale of rights to related party to manufacture,
market and sell video, CD, and DVD products -- 810,018
----------- -----------

70 1,014,293

COST OF GOOD SOLD -- 129,667
----------- -----------

GROSS PROFIT 70 884,626

Consulting fees 533,277 422,960
Production expense 1,651,544 248,994
Interest 1,500 1,800
General and administrative expense 258,592 167,639
----------- -----------

Total expenses 2,444,913 841,393
----------- -----------

Net loss before proportionate share Clubhouse Videos, Inc.`s
loss and discontinued operations (2,444,843) 43,233

Proportionate share of Clubhouse Videos, Inc.`s loss (29,933) (179,000)
----------- -----------

Net loss before discontinued operations (2,474,776) (135,767)

Discontinued operations -- (563,281)

Net loss $(2,474,776) $ (699,048)
=========== ===========

Net (loss) per share from continuing operations $ (0.02717) $ 0.00176
=========== ===========

Proportionate share of Clubhouse Videos, Inc.`s loss $ (0.00033) $ (0.00730)
=========== ===========

Net income (loss) per share discontinued operations $ -- $ (0.02297)
=========== ===========

Net loss per share $ (0.02750) $ (0.02851)
=========== ===========

Danke, wir kennen die Zahlen bereits und du bist hier sehr willkommen :D
Mädels, ruhig Blut. Über IEM schüttle ich auch den Kopf, ganz recht. Taugt zum zocken, zu mehr bestimmt nicht und ich bin mal gespannt, wieviele Quartale das noch geht :cool:.

Diese "Perle" hingegen ist mE schon reichlich bekannt, war/ist auch des öfteren in den Top10 hier und somit sollte sie so ziemlich jedem Interessierten geläufig sein - und wenn er nur mal ins OTCBB-Board schaut. Vielleicht ist der Wert sogar gut, je ne sais pas, ich habe ihn mir noch nicht näher angesehen.

Was mich *generell* aber immer bei solchen Sachen stört, ist, das xyz Threads zu einer "Perle" aufgemacht werden müssen, viele ohne wirklich neuen Inhalt. Vermutlich sind alle völlig uneigennützig und alle sind nur Gutmenschen :cool:.

Kurs mittlerweile unter 0.03 USD, weit vom Ausbruch 0.042 USD entfernt und somit wieder ein paar Frustrierte mehr hier, die ein paar Teile eingeladen haben.

Was ich eigentlich sagen wollte :D:D:D -->> Augen auf, selber recherchieren und nicht jedem Mega-Explosions-Thread hinterherrennen -->> erspart unnützes Geheule.

Gute Geschäfte
Heinerle2 :cool:

„Was mich *generell* aber immer bei solchen Sachen stört, ist, das xyz Threads zu einer " Perle"
aufgemacht werden müssen, viele ohne wirklich neuen Inhalt"

Damit sprichst Du mir aus der Seele

Was RVNM betrifft denke ich das man schon einige €uro´s machen kann wenn man nicht zu
Gierig wird und auch mal mit 30-50% zufrieden ist.

Besonders in Juni wenn die Lizenzvergabe ist könnte das den Kurs beflügeln, und wer weis
Vielleicht wird die „Serie“ wirklich ein Knaller, dann ist sicher mehr möglich.
Wobei ich nicht wie einige andere an 1$ oder gar 6$ denke.

Obwohl es ja einige „echte“ Perlen geben soll :)

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