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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 25.588.070 von rostha am 22.11.06 11:41:52Ja aber vieleicht hat man sich ja auch schon auf einen Vergleich geinigt, denn die SEC&DTCC hängen zwichen den Fronten und die haben glaube ich langsam alle die Schnauze voll, ich meine das man die News " http://www.cmkmtaskforce.com/certpullsubmit.php " auch im Positiven wehrten kann, "nach dem Motto auf die Paar certs die noch kommen können wir nicht mehr warten aber jeder kann nach dem 1.Dezember noch eine Copie seiner certs an unser Büro schicken, wo sie dann von Hand bearbeitet werden, wir müssen endlich weiter kommen", für mich wird die Zeit ab dem 1.Dezember interessant, ich schätze das wir ab da an mit wirklichen News rechnen können :cool:

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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 25.590.312 von capten am 22.11.06 13:54:37

Ich denke auch dass sie sich irgendwie geeinigt haben, siehe auch das gestrige up date von Wodan und danach Task Force?????
Vielleicht kommt heute eine PR.

Du kannst Recht haben Capten, Listener hat die gleichen Gedankengänge, der 1.Dez. ist entscheident.

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This is post from the "Listener" on RB.

Obviously Bill must have spoken to Kevin. In my opinion, there is no way in hell that Bill Frizzell would take it upon himself to implement a new procedure to receive the remaining shares of CMKX. Bill would not jeopardize the procedures utilized at this late stage especially if interpleader is taking place. In other words it would appear to me that the Federal Judge has in fact reviewed our interpleader and has given a deadline for the rest of the faxes to be allowed in through the end of November and that is it. Bonafide shareholders will be signed off of as of November 30th. After that date anyone who steps forward will have to go through another procedure since they did not comply with the original fax campaign. In other words as of November 30th, fax campaign is over, interpleader is officially complete for bonafide shareholders. New procedure ordered by Judge is implemented as of December 1st. Can you imagine if what Frizzell is implying was true about the ongoing expenses. I could just see it........Maheu blows a gasket because all of the work and procedures put in place to bring this to interpleader over the last year is ruined because Bill didn't want to pay for a fax line.....it's more like the judge is saying, I'm satisfied with the procedures you have had in place over the last year and it is now no longer necessary for you to continue in this manner since I am satisfied with the work that has been done. Effective November 30th, you may discontinue the fax program for the bonafide list is to be approved as of that date. Anyone else who should step forward will have to mail in and be subject to court approval to get paid.


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Sehr interessant:cool:ist dieß die große "conglomerate"

Star Uranium/United Carina/ (Pending)

This map shows how CMKX's claims stand currently


The claims are held by these companies.

Entourage/Star Uranium/United Carina/Shane Resources

Star Uranium/United Carina/ (Carolyn Kimberlite)

Entourage Mining Inc.

Star Uranium/United Carina/ (Pending)

Watch for news about this...


Star Uranium and Shore Gold Disputed Diamond Property Court Date Adjourned Until November 20, 2006

SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN, Sep 28, 2006 (CCNMatthews via COMTEX News Network) --
Star Uranium Corp. (TSX VENTURE:SUV) is pleased to provide the following update as to its ongoing litigation with Shore Gold (TSX:SGF) with respect to 25 mineral claims totaling 33,196 hectares. The claims in question are situated in and around the Fort a la Corne area of Saskatchewan and all have magnetic anomalies on them that could be caused by kimberlites. The largest and at this time the most important claim involved, is a 60 square kilometre block which is about eight kilometers from Shore Gold's Star kimberlite pipe and adjoins the Shore/Newmont Mining joint venture on the east. Previous work on this property by Star Uranium and its 50/50 partner United Carina Resources Corp. (TSX:UCA) consisted of an airborne survey and ground geophysics, resulting in outlining several drill-ready targets.

The Saskatchewan government was in the process of awarding the above noted claims to Star Uranium and its 50/50 partner United Carina Resources in June of 2003. Prior to the final certificates being issued, Shore Gold protested to the Saskatchewan Department of Industry and Resources and to the Minister of Mines. Both protests were rejected by the government agencies and subsequently Shore Gold initiated a civil action to try and prevent the government from issuing title to Star Uranium and United Carina. Saskatchewan Industry and Resources is now awaiting the outcome of the civil litigation prior to issuing title.

The case was originally scheduled to be heard on September 25, 2006. Shore Gold requested an adjournment until November 20, 2006, which the court has agreed to. Several attempts at arbitration have failed to resolve the issues. Star Uranium is satisfied that it acted properly and fairly at the time and is confident that the court will rule in its favor in November. Subsequent to a favorable ruling, it is the company's intention to initiate an aggressive exploration program on the properties in question and explore its own civil options through the court system for compensation.


Rick Walker, President

SOURCE: Star Uranium Corp.

Star Uranium Corp. Rick Walker (306) 664-3828 (306) 244-0042 (FAX) Email: info@staruranium.com Website: www.staruranium.com

Copyright (C) 2006 CCNMatthews. All rights reserved.

And this...

Press Release Source: Star Uranium Corp.

Star Uranium Provides Update on Copper/Gold Drill Program
Thursday November 16, 2:57 pm ET

SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN--(CCNMatthews - Nov. 16, 2006) - Star Uranium Corp. (TSX VENTURE:SUV - News) is pleased to announce that a drill program on its 50% owned Anglo-Rouyn copper-gold property has been completed. Six holes totaling 739.6 metres were drilled, covering a strike length of 1.2 kilometres. Massive sulphides were encountered in all of the holes, and samples have been submitted for assay to TSL Laboratories in Saskatoon, an ISO accredited facility. Results will be reported by the Company when available, probably at the end of November.

The Company is also pleased to report that it has formed a wholly owned subsidiary, Star Diamond Corp. It is anticipated that Star Uranium will be soon receiving title to a 50% interest in a number of diamond claims in the Fort a la Corne area of Saskatchewan. Those interests, along with diamond claims currently held by Star Uranium, would then be vended into the new company, Star Diamond Corp., to better reflect their value.

The Company has also begun initial field logistics in preparation for a winter drill program on two of its uranium properties, Stony Rapids and Collins Bay.

For more information please visit our website at www.staruranium.com.


Rick Walker, President

The TSX Venture Exchange Does Not Accept Responsibility for the Adequacy or Accuracy of This News Release.

Rick Walker
Star Uranium Corp.
(306) 244-7828
(306) 244-0042 (FAX)
Email: info@staruranium.com
Website: www.staruranium.com

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Guten Morgäään:cry::D

Also in Canada Alberta ist echt was los in Sachen Oilsand:rolleyes:


Western Oil Sands Inc. (TSX:WTO) has set its 2007 capital budget at $715 million, with over 90 per cent $655 million allocated to the Athabasca Oil Sands Project in northern Alberta. "We see tremendous opportunity and growth potential ahead of us and our capital spending program reflects our commitment to our key growth initiatives" CEO Jim Houck said Thursday in a release.
(See Canadian Press: Western Oil Sands sets 2007 capital budget at $715M, 90% for Athabasca oilsands )


Federal officials were grilled Wednesday over the impact oilsands development will have on rivers depended upon by aboriginals in northeastern Alberta. Imperial Oil's (TSX:IMO) $5.5-billion Kearl project, combined with other projects in the area could suck enough water out of the Athabasca River to destroy the commercial and subsistence fisheries, says Karin Buss, a lawyer who represents the Athabasca Chipewyan and Fort McKay First Nations.
(See Canadian Press: Officials grilled on oilsands impact on Athabasca River in Alberta )


Shell Canada (TSX:SHC) said Thursday it plans to raise spending almost 50 per cent to $4 billion in 2007, including $2.45 billion on oilsands projects. The announcement followed by a few hours a similar forecast by Western Oil Sands Inc. (TSX:WTO), Shell's partner in the Athabasca Oil Sands Project. It plans to spend $715 million next year, with over 90 per cent $655 million sunk into the northern Alberta oilsands.
(See Canadian Press: Shell Canada to spend $4 billion in 2007 including $2.45 billion on oilsands )

Related News:
OIL (OIL SANDS) Property Financings in Canada


Despite reports to the contrary, two major Chinese oil companies were not invited to participate in an oilsands joint venture between Canada's EnCana Corp. (TSX:ECA) and U.S.-based ConocoPhillips (NYSE:COP), a spokesman for EnCana said Thursday.
(See Canadian Press: EnCana says Chinese oil firms weren't invited to oilsands joint venture talks )

Related News:
OIL (OIL SANDS) Property Ownership Changes in Canada


China National Petroleum Corp. and China National Offshore Oil Corp. have declined to join a Canadian oilsands joint venture run by Calgary-based EnCana Corp. (TSX:ECA) and ConocoPhillips (NYSE:COP), South China Morning Post reported, citing market sources.
(See Canadian Press: China won't join EnCana/ConocoPhillips oilsands venture )

Related News:
OIL (OIL SANDS) Property Ownership Changes in Canada

Link: "InfoMine Headline News"

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Sehr interessanter Bericht, ich meine es geht zu 99% um CMKX:eek::eek::eek:

Link: http://www.gazetteextra.com/jvlfraud112006.asp ;)
Janesville woman reports fraud

(Published Monday, November 20, 2006 11:23:53 AM CST)

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

View advertiser index
Gazette Staff

A Janesville woman told police that a Janesville man she knows forged and cancelled stock certificates worth $11,000 in her name without her permission.

According to Janesville police reports:

The woman said she was dating the man, even though he was married. In May, she went with him to Las Vegas, where she was convinced to invest in diamond mine stocks.

She spent $500 to purchased 5 million shares of stock valued at 0.0001 cent per share and set up a "dynasty trust." Before returning home, the man gifted the woman an additional $10,500 worth of shares.

Shortly after returning home, the woman ended the relationship and registered her stocks with a transfer agent in Las Vegas. When the woman called to check on the stocks in October, the transfer agent told her the man had cancelled the stocks and may have reallocated them.

The woman said the stocks are in her name, officially allocated to her and she never gave consent for them to be transferred. She said she holds documentation for the shares she invested in and that were gifted to her from the man.

The woman believes the man is involved in misappropriation and possibly fraudulent share transfers because he has invested $600,000 worth of shares in the company and has been transferring stock to and from people and taking those stocks back.

She said he is doing it without the investors' knowledge and requesting they sign forms indicating they have received a gift for several hundred thousand or million shares. She said he is not a licensed broker, but has been portraying he is.

It was recommended the police department not follow up on the case, but forward the information to several other agencies that were monitoring the situation, including the Bureau of Registration Enforcement.

Gruss Capten
Ps.Der jetzt ein wehnig nachdenklich ist :cool:
Axel beim beten:laugh:

Er ist und bleibt die Pfeife der Nation!
Guten Morgen!

THE UGLY BUTTERFLY is coming out of her cacoon slowly but speeding up everyday:

1. cmkx is outed as a sting by mark and bud
2. the sign the interplead was done was the moving of the wanta money imo
3. the taskforce website change signals the interplead is done
4. the book is suppose to be out dec. 1 same day as taskforce change
5. the outing of the proof that this happened. I have posted for months this will be a full market settlement and the news will come out, well bob O just outed the news, the proof of trillions and trillions of stolen dollars, counterfeit stock just hit. It also comes out just before
5. dec 5 judiciary meeting where they will either explain that this is fixed or that they have done the worst job ever and the markets are about to melt so bail folks, goodnight.
6. the chinese announced they are moving away from the american dollar, which we all know is worthless

I think we are on the brink of the announcement that this is over and the outing of the story is the sign the end is right here. Hey and as crazy as it sounds to some you must read the latest wanta story with paulson, if you just dismissed it due to redundancy this one is better. It talks about the leverage plays.

the ugly butterfly is about to come out for the public to see, and man is it u

wanta story - http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/07/342899.shtml

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 25.717.812 von FredenbeckerJung am 26.11.06 08:44:43Ohh da habe ich ja was verpasst:laugh:

Aber hier wieder was sehr interessantes:cool:

Sind wir


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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 25.719.126 von rostha am 26.11.06 10:28:28Hi rostha es wird immer interessanter;)

Gruss Capten
Ps. Der uns allen noch ein schönes Jahres ende wüncht ;)

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