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Neuer CS-Chef Gottstein sieht Wachstum in Asien und Schwellenländern...…
"Die grossen Wachstumschancen sind in Asien und den Schwellenländern. Dort wollen wir mindestens mit dem Markt oder schneller wachen", fügte er an. Und in reifen Märkten wie der Schweiz oder Europa gehe es darum, Marktanteile zu gewinnen. Gottstein zeigt sich überzeugt, dass die Konsolidierung im Markt weitergehen werde und dass die CS gut aufgestellt sei, um Teams zu übernehmen oder zuzukaufen.

Die Beschattungsaffäre hat sich derweil laut Gottstein nicht auf die Zahlen ausgewirkt. "Ich kann zwar nichts zu den Zahlen sagen, aber wir sind sehr zufrieden mit der Entwicklung."

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Credit Suisse: Glänzende Geschäfte

Ausschüttung 2 Hälfte Dividende geplant...…

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Switzerland Steps Up Spying Probe Into Its No. 2 Bank…

The fallout from Credit Suisse Group AG’s spying scandal widened as Switzerland’s regulator escalated its investigation into an episode that ultimately led to the ouster of the bank’s chief executive officer.

Banking regulator Finma said it would start an enforcement action against Credit Suisse to look into potential violations and scrutinize how the spying was documented and controlled. While Finma doesn’t have the power to fine a bank, it can take actions such as banning executives from the industry.

“It is not surprising that Finma has expanded its investigation of Credit Suisse, but its sanctioning powers are very limited,” said Kern Alexander, the chair of law and finance at the University of Zurich. “This will probably result in another order to ‘correct’ their internal controls and order the board to have more involvement in such activities.”

Credit Suisse is struggling to move beyond one of the most damaging episodes in its recent history after it spied on star banker Iqbal Khan, who was leaving for rival UBS Group AG. Last year’s scandal tainted the bank’s reputation, led to the ouster of CEO Tidjane Thiam after a power struggle, and rattled the usually quiet world of Swiss banking.

Chairman Urs Rohner turned to Thomas Gottstein, a two-decade Credit Suisse veteran, to restore investor confidence. Gottstein has pledged to reach out to shareholders and regulators to mend relations, and sought to build bridges with employees.

At the same time, the new CEO had to contend with a series of setbacks since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. They include losses from soured loans in Asia, allegations of conflicts of interest at the bank’s fund unit, a fraud case in the bank’s wealth business and questions about its role in helping disgraced German payments firm Wirecard AG raise funds.

Gottstein, speaking Wednesday at an event organized by Finanz & Wirtschaft, said Finma’s probe will touch on “how we communicate” in the bank via iPhone or Whatsapp messaging, and could set a standard for the whole industry.

“The observation of employees is not part of the culture of Credit Suisse,” Credit Suisse said in a statement, adding it will continue to fully cooperate.

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Credit Suisse <CSGN.S> may have spied on more employees under its former chief executive Tidjane Thiam, Swiss newspaper SonntagsZeitung reported on Sunday, citing evidence of two further instances that had previously been undisclosed.
Evidence of further surveillance at Credit Suisse mounts up - SonntagsZeitung…
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Bericht: UBS und Credit Suisse sollen über Fusion sprechen – Aktien im Plus
Die Großbanken UBS und Credit Suisse beraten laut einem Medienbericht über eine Fusion. Diese wäre aber mit hohen Hürden verbunden, heißt es in der Branche.…
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 65.073.367 von faultcode am 14.09.20 14:32:23Greensill und Credit Suisse:

Wer ist wer im Greensill-Drama?…

Long Before Greensill Imploded, Credit Suisse Saw Danger
Swiss bank had a plan to cap exposure of its $10 billion Greensill funds to a dangerous concentration of insurance coverage, but never implemented it, according to people familiar with the funds…
Credit Suisse Group AG knew since 2019 that supply-chain finance funds it ran with Greensill Capital were too reliant on a small group of insurers to protect investors against default and failed to remedy the situation, according to people familiar with the funds.

That turned out to be a ticking time bomb, and when the insurers balked at renewing contracts on Monday, Greensill began its swift implosion.

Credit Suisse contemplated a rule in 2019 that would require the funds to secure coverage from a broader set of insurers, but never put it in place, according to the people familiar with the funds.

The concentration grew and grew until, at one point, the insurers were protecting 75% of the portfolio. By last summer, lead insurer Tokio Marine Holdings Inc. and the others warned Greensill they wouldn’t continue providing coverage, court documents say.

The insurance was crucial because it made Greensill’s assets appear safer to Credit Suisse’s institutional investors, some of whom are restricted from putting cash into riskier investments.

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