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B. Cook, quote: "ALL resouce stocks will go to ZERO"

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 57.309.310 von Popeye82 am 17.03.18 22:30:33Das Beispiel Kongo macht also Schule. Wenig verwunderlich. Aber die Ausgangssituation ist bei beiden Ländern doch sehr unterschiedlich. Die Konsequenzen könnten für Mail, in Abhängigkeit von den durchzuführenden Änderungen, weitaus gravierender sein. Auch hier gilt wohl die alte Börsenweisheit "Gier frisst Hirn".

- Apollo Minerals' (ASX:AON) Hugo Schumann runs Proactive through the exploration and development plans for their flagship Couflens tungsten-copper-gold Project in the South of France. ''There's two opportunities here - the first is to reopen the world's highest grade tungsten mine ... and the second opportunity is gold''. ''We think there's a very exciting gold opportunity along big fault systems in the region''. -

"Scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT in Aachen, Germany, want to build a machine that is able to disassemble two mobile phones in one minute and remove its components to, later on, extract metals from them.

The process is known as urban mining and it aims to recover raw materials such as copper, silver, gold, neodymium, and tantalum from old electronic devices. The metals would be destined to the production of new cellphones, computers, tablets, etc.

Following the extraction of individual, larger components, a laser would be used to unsolder them from the electronic circuit board before they are sorted by type and treated differently to make them reusable.

In an interview with Horizon Magazine, Cord Fricke-Begemann from the Fraunhofer Institute said that the main challenge his team is facing right now, when it comes to the machine's design, is figuring out how to make it work with all the different types of electronics that exist.

"There are hundreds of different types of mobile phones so we need a device that is flexible and can handle all of them," Fricke-Begemann told the institutional publication.

According to the researcher, turning to this type of mining and making it more efficient would not only support the EU efforts to move towards a low-carbon economy, but it would also reduce the bloc's dependence from foreign metal providers and shield it from fluctuating prices.

According to Horizon, some urban mining already takes place in the region but it involves melting devices together in a furnace and removing the most valuable metals."
GEILE news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

S. Africa’s Mponeng gold mine COULD HOLD KEY TO SURVIVING IN SPACE


"Brazilian researchers linked to the University of São Paulo (USP) have developed a model based on conditions found at Mponeng gold mine near Johannesburg, South Africa, at a depth of 2.8 km, to evaluate how habitable Jupiter’s icy moon Europa may be.

Based on the theory that Europa may host life in an ocean of liquid water hidden under its 10 km-deep ice crust, the team located a similar environment here on Earth to explore such possibility.

The chosen place was the Mponeng gold mine, which is leaking water full of radioactive uranium. The uranium’s presence breaks down water molecules into highly reactive free radicals, which then dissolves the surrounding rocks and releases sulfate. The researchers found that the bacteria could use that sulfate to create energy.

“This is THE FIRST TIME AN ECOSYSTEM HAS BEEN FOUND TO SURVIVE DIRECTLY ON THE BASIS OF NUCLEAR ENERGY,” said Douglas Galante, the study coordinator, in a press release.

By this method, the bacteria are able to survive without sunlight.

According to the study, published in the journal Scientific Reports, the environment colonized by bacteria in the Mponeng mine is an excellent analogue of the environment assumed to exist at the bottom of Europa’s ocean.

“The ocean bed on Europa appears to offer very similar conditions to those that existed on primitive Earth during its first billion years,” Galante notes. “So studying Europa today is to some extent like looking back at our own planet in the past.”

While the temperature in Europa’s surface is next to absolute zero, scientists have determined that there is an enormous amount of thermal energy in its core.



"Platinum group metals were the hardest hit on generally weak precious metals markets Tuesday after a German court ruled that cities in Europe's largest economy and world's fourth largest automaker have the right to ban diesel cars.

The price of platinum were back in triple digit territory on New York futures markets on Wednesday falling 2% to a low of $983 an ounce. Palladium was also weaker at $1,033 an ounce as it continues to retreat from record highs of $1,138 an ounce hit in January.

“We’re witnessing the creeping death of diesel,” Stefan Bratzel, director of the Center of Automotive Management at the University of Applied Sciences in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany told Bloomberg News.

The technology will still survive in some segments like trucks, but “if you’re a private car buyer, it’s very hard to pick diesel. The insecurity is growing.”
"The technology will still survive in some segments like trucks, but “if you’re a private car buyer, it’s very hard to pick diesel. The insecurity is growing""

Diesel technology has been under relentless pressure since the September 2015 revelations that Volkswagen, the world's number two vehicle manufacturer, had cheated on emissions testing. Today's ruling affects more than 10 million vehicle owners in Germany and could have ripple effects across Europe.

Encouraged by government tax subsidies and loose regulations, the European auto industry invested heavily in diesel as a profitable stop-gap technology to meet tighter rules on carbon dioxide emissions. Standards will again tighten in 2021, which means carmakers risk fines as consumers desert diesel.

“This is a groundbreaking ruling, and one which we expect has set a strong precedent for similar action across Europe,” Arndt Ellinghorst, a London-based auto-industry analyst with Evercore ISI, said in a note to clients. The ruling is “damaging to already-battered diesel sentiment.”

The world's top PGM miners were under pressure on Wednesday with Anglo American Platinum giving up 2.2% in value in New York while Impala Platinum fell 4% and Sibanye Stillwater declined 2.7%.

Bane of the Autobahn

Europe's car manufacturers where diesel makes up around 50% of the market (but as a percentage of new sales is declining rapidly) are the top industrial consumers of platinum. The autocatalyst market represent more than 40% of platinum end user demand.Palladium mainly finds application in gasoline engines and the sector is responsible for 70% of overall palladium demand.

In a recent report, refiner Johnson Matthey said the platinum market is set for another surplus this year after recording oversupply of 110,000 ounces in 2017 while sister metal palladium is tipped to see another deficit.

Together Russia and South Africa control between 70% and 80% of the world’s supply of PGMs. Russia's state stockpiling organization called Gokhran sits on an disclosed amount of palladium built up during the Soviet era, which it releases onto the market from time to time.

The structure of supply has not altered in any substantial way since the 1970s when platinum and later palladium came to the fore as an important part of the world’s automobile industry."
"Ghana to tighten controls on gold exports, to protect revenues
Reuters | about 3 hours ago | 157 | 0

ACCRA, Feb 27 (Reuters) – Ghana will certify the value of gold exports as part of efforts to tighten controls on the sector to ensure the state receives the revenues it is due, the vice president said on Tuesday.

Ghana, Africa's second largest gold miner after South Africa, earned $5.78 billion from exports of the metal last year, up 17.6 percent on 2016, central bank data showed.

Vice-President Mahamudu Bawumia told a regional meeting on the oil and mining sectors that Ghana's previous administration had allowed companies to assay gold produced from their mines themselves.

However, he said Ghanaian law required that the state-run Precious Minerals Marketing Company test and validate mineral production before export.

"We have now begun conversations about the process of making sure every single bar of gold leaving our shores is properly weighed, tested, valued and accounted for," Bawumia said.

The government was also considering passing legislation stating that at least 50 percent of Ghana's gold output would be refined locally within five years, he said.

Bawumia did not accuse any mining firms of wrongdoing and did not suggest past exports had been undervalued.

But President Nana Akufo-Addo, who took office last year, has said about $5 billion worth of revenues from gold exports to the United Arab Emirates were unaccounted for.

He did not give a timescale or details to support the claim, but industry watchers believe the unreported shipments represented smuggled gold produced by Ghana's thousands of artisanal miners, whose activities are not properly documented.

The government has banned small-scale mining as part of a general clamp-down on illegal miners last year. Their activities have heavily polluted some fresh water supplies and in some instances obstructed the operations of concession holders.

Mining firms operating in Ghana include Newmont Mining Corporation, Gold Fields, Anglogold Ashanti and Asanko Gold.

(Reporting by Kwasi Kpodo Editing by Joe Bavier and Edmund Blair)"
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 57.143.604 von Popeye82 am 28.02.18 12:33:27Hugo Chavez
Come and invest in Mining in Venezuela. But if you do bring your own packed lunch. In our workers paradise we have EVERYthing, but food.

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