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Was iss denn passiert? -

warum die Aufregung in vergangenen threads?

fg :)
dividiere den aktuellen Kurs durch 100 und dir wird klar, dass der Kurs von dieser Muchtbude gestern, nach dem RS über 65% verloren hat.

Und das ist was neues..?

seit ich das Teil kenne - hat nur verloren :look:

Nu kommt dazu, daß das Teil noch gar nicht den reverse arithmisiert hat, nix Handel-

passt doch alles zu agrd. Jedenfalls sind 75% - Lokalkolorit, jeux accomplit
Super News!!!:eek:

AuGRID`s Optipure Division To Commence Distribution In Australia

AuGRID Corporation, Houston
Investor Relations, 713-532-2000
Investor Relations: Equitilink LLC
Ron Garner, 877-788-1940 toll-free

AuGRID Corporation (OTCBB:AGRI) announced today the appointment of MegaScreen Australia Pty Ltd (MSA) (http://megascreen.com.au), as the Australasian distributor for the extensive range of commercial gas plasma and LCD screens manufactured and distributed by AuGRID`s Optipure Division. MegaScreen is involved in implementation, integration and content management for large-scale digital signage projects throughout Australia.

Over the past few months AuGRID has been working with the MegaScreen team to develop a product suitable for a variety of multi-million dollar commercial projects requiring special engineering and custom software. "A couple of custom built 60" plasma display panels have been submitted for evaluation and we are confident that this will generate purchase orders," stated JC Gonzalez, Division head for Optipure LLC.

MegaScreen CEO, Jim Doriean said, "The advanced technology in the Optipure screens will enable us to provide the very best images in our high end commercial applications. We have been delighted with the ability and willingness of Optipure to ensure that our very specific application needs are met."

AuGRID Corporation and its subsidiaries, Alysium Corporation and Optipure, LLC, are technology based organizations, specializing in the manufacturing, distribution and development of electronic and display devices, thermocouples, silicon carbide tools and nanoparticles technology.

FORWARD LOOKING STATEMENT: This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. The statements regarding AuGRID Corporation in this release that are not historical in nature, particularly those that utilize terminology such as "may," "should," "likely," "expects," "anticipates," "estimates," "believes" or "plans," or comparable terminology, are forward-looking statements based on current expectations about future events, which AuGRID Corporation has derived from the information currently available to it. These forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties that may cause our results to be materially different from results implied in such forward-looking statements. Important factors known to AuGRID Corporation that could cause forward-looking statements to turn out to be incorrect are identified and discussed from time to time in AuGRID Corporation`s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The forward-looking statements contained in this release speak only as of the date hereof, and AuGRID Corporation undertakes no obligation to correct or update any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

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