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21.09.20 21:58:14
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Phoslock Environmental Technologies - PET
PET designs, engineers and implements solutions for water treatment related projects

- Zukunftstechnologie
- massives Wachstum in China möglich, siehe aber auch Cons…
- there is a market for the product globally
- patented technology
- High topline growth and high gross margins last 3 years

- PET revenues rely heavily on the chinese government
- 89% Sales in China
- Negative EBITDA until 2019
- kaum Zahlenmaterial vorhanden

- 1 Jahr: -84%
- 3 Jahre: + 10%
- Falling knife

jwalli-rating: **
- grausamer Chart
- PET muß den Spagat schaffen, die Potentiale in China weiter zu heben und zeitgleich in andere Märkte zu expandieren
- Hardcore-Spekulation
21.09.20 22:03:23
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 65.149.621 von jwalli am 21.09.20 21:54:29
Clover Corporation - CLV
Clover is a nutrients manufacturer, that focuses on refining and encapsulating bioactives

- High barriers to entry the market --> unique prodcut that requires quite specific production technology and processes
- Increased awareness about dietary issues
- High sales growth outside home market ANZ --> especially China, but also US/Europe
- Impressive continued top-line-growth at CAGR of 20% over the last 5 years
- Production capacity was just doubled
- EU regulation in Feb 2020 resulting in large increase in EU sales
- China regulation in process as well --> massive Sales increase in China to be expected
- durchaus akzeptable Bewertung
- ca 1% Div-Rendite

- Demand cannot be supplied in full --> reputation risk
- Annual results --> Earnings estimates missed by 11%
- no outstanding outperformance vs industry expected the next quarters

kein klarer Trend nach Corona-Dip

jwalli-rating: ****
Long-term blendende Aussichten
Annual results / forward expectations not as good as expected
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21.09.20 22:06:54
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Verkauf MNST (Steuer, Bewertung, Charttechnik)
Verkauf HIBB (mentaler Stopp... )

SP500 hat 38T jetzt klar nach unten gerissen (letztes Mal in dieser Geschwindigkeit war Ende Februar). Meist zuverlässiges Verkaufssignal (zumal in dieser Deutlichkeit) und nicht nur Bärenfalle.
Müsste jetzt mindestens auf die 200T (nochmals -5% gehen) und dann mal schauen.
Es war letzte Woche so offensichtlich dass weitere Schwäche dräute. Eigentlich zu offensichtlich. Und insofern war ich dann doch skeptisch ob es wirklich noch runtergeht.
Erstaunt dass Value heute stark abverkauft wird. Wer verkauft auf diesem Niveau denn bspw MO (9% Divi-Rendite, EPS und Divi zuletzt sogar erhöht)...
Cash aufbauen scheint vernünftig. Szenario zweite Abverkaufswelle vorerst intakt.

warnt vor Technologieaktien
Erzählung: Digitalfirmen unersetzbar. Geld verdienen oder nicht völlig egal. Hauptsache Digitalisierung.

Geld in eine italienische Bank.
21.09.20 22:07:14
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Bactiguard - BACTI B
Bactiguard is a medical device company that focuses on developing and manufacturing infection protection coating for catheters

- Clear growth plan available, strategic M&A, strategic growth initiatives
- Capacity extension ongoing
- Large potential markets to be stepped into

KGV-Ausweitung --> Erwartungen eingepreist ?

- vervierfacht auf Jahressicht

jwalli-rating: ** - ***
- wenig Zahlenmaterial gefunden
- hohes KGV
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21.09.20 22:11:43
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 65.149.753 von jwalli am 21.09.20 22:07:14
Pro Medicus - PME
PME is a leading imaging IT provider. They provide a full range of radiology IT software and services to hospitals, imaging centers and health care groups worldwide

- 87% of revenue is recurring (contracts based on transaction licsnse model)
- Reguatory burdens to entry the market
- First mover in radiology digitalization market
- PME products enable hospitals to save on IT infrastructure, improve radiologist turnaround time (by 34%) and improve clinical accuracy
- Major opportunity outside US
- positive Cashflow-Entwicklung

- KGV > 100 !

Jan - Sep 2019 verdreifacht
Corona Dip down bis Jan 2019 Niveau
38/90/200 wieder leicht ansteigend

jwalli-rating: ****
long-term contracts+
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21.09.20 22:17:53
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Intelligent Systems - INS
INS is a fintech company that develops software and offers services to aid businesses in the management and processing of payment cards.

- High market entry barriers
- Known for "speed to market"
- have won the Goldman Sachs - Apple Card deal
- Revenue increase 2018/2019 by 116 & 71 %
- Focus on moving revenues to service business (more consistent)
- almost zero marketing expense as customers knocking on INS door not the other way around
- Successfull and fast implementation of main projects --> growing reputation
- Strong EBITDA / Free Cash Flow since 2016
- KGV ca 30

- main customer accounting for 60% of revenue
- Management stated "no capacity for another large customer"
- Market underperformer auf Jahresbasis

- aktuell keine klare Tendenz

jwalli-rating: ****
Strong results
Strong reputation
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21.09.20 22:22:42
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 65.149.882 von jwalli am 21.09.20 22:17:53Kleines Fazit meinerseits:
CLV & INS durchaus interessant:lick:, aktuell etwas unklarer Chart
JIN eigentlich auch interessant, aber reizt mich irgendwie nicht:keks:
PME viele Pro`s , jedoch sehr hohe Bewertung:eek:

Wie gesagt, freue mich über Feedback.

21.09.20 22:25:58
Beitrag Nr. 89.298 ()
Verkauf RICK
21.09.20 23:36:18
Beitrag Nr. 89.299 ()
ist ja vielleicht nicht alles schlecht……
Pharmasset war vor 9 Jahren auch viel zu teuer, eigentlich.
22.09.20 00:34:09
Beitrag Nr. 89.300 ()…

Veeva : Commercial Cloud Selected by Idorsia to Accelerate Digital Engagement Globally
09/21/2020 | 04:07pm EDT

Veeva provides leading-edge biopharmaceutical company commercial foundation to launch innovative new medicines

Veeva Systems (NYSE: VEEV) today announced that Idorsia Pharmaceuticals Ltd (SIX: IDIA) has selected Veeva Commercial Cloud to enable its digital field force in the U.S., Japan, and countries across Europe. Idorsia is at the forefront of innovative therapies and needed best-in-class cloud technology to drive its global commercial strategy. Veeva Commercial Cloud brings together multichannel engagement, data, content, and analytics to give Idorsia the foundation for digital excellence.

“Veeva is an important partner that has helped us to rapidly scale-up, supporting our growth plans,” said Joseph Bejjani, CIO at Idorsia. “Veeva Commercial Cloud streamlines commercial processes from pre-launch planning to execution and digitally enables our field force to more effectively engage customers.”

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