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I`m just wondering if there are any other native speakers of English who use WO and would like to chat about stocks in their mother tongue.

I have about 55 percent of my portfolio in cash, 25 percent in mutual funds, and 20 percent in the following stocks:

gerry weber
sz testsysteme
pa power

I owned but took profits on Escada on Thursday and Friday because I believe the stock is topping out at 200 for the time being.

I think any big exposure to tech at this point is a sign of mental illness.

My performance since the beginning of the year is -1 percent. Those mutual funds are killing me.

More later, guys,

Currently on the watchlist:

Koenig und Bauer vz.

Krones vz.



I believe that the trend toward value stocks will last for the foreseeable future. MDAX and SMAX is the place to be.
Hi Bluehat !!!

"Sell in MAI and go away !!!"

From my point of view, this wisdom could be the worst mistake this year because I`m sure that stock markets are going to rallye from this time on.

My current top pic: WCM (great mangement, totally undervalued and a lot of fantasy because of the tax reform !)

Best wishes

Christian :cool:

PS: great idea to improve my English ;)

I don`t believe in a rally for the market on the whole, just certain sectors. I think we`re going to see rocky seas until the fall. That`s why I`m keeping a lot of cash on the sidelines.

Bye for now.

"The markets are trading the future!"

And that is why I believe at least in a 30 % recovery in the early summer, because earnings will be stronger again in the second half of 2001.

However the worst scenario I could imagine would be a recession in the US which follows a crash in nearly every sector.

By the way: Where do you come from ?

Despite my bad writing it makes a lot of fun to chat with you...

Christian :cool:
hi bluehat,

sorry, this is another w.o user who is not a native speaker. nice to meet you! i`m also interested in value stocks but for the time being don`t have such a good feeling for them as you do. therefore i owned but sold koenig + bauer at 22,10 the day before yesterday. in my opinion everybody is waiting for the bottom at the nasdaq and will then run into the hightechs. on the other hand, people are afraid for a worldwide economy crisis which could affect every stock available so nobody would invest in m- and s-dax-stocks, either. my personal consequence is to hold 100% cash. as far as fonds are concerned, i made the same experience as you did. my euro-stoxx-fonds which was thought as a highly conventional investment made a performance of -17% since july 2000...you guess what i think about fonds.

(by the way, this is the first english text i`ve been writing for eight years)

I`m from New York, but I`ve been living in Berlin for about 15 years.

The Euro Stoxx 50, the DAX, the NM 50 and the Naz all broke through significant support levels during the last 8 days. Given this technical damage, I don`t hold out much hope for anything other than a reaction rally.

@Nothing risked, nothing gained. Even during recessions, some stocks do well. The challenge for us as investors is to be cautious and to pick the right ones. I also believe strongly that anyone entering the markets nowadays should use a stop-loss to prevent serious damage to one`s portfolio.



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