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@ all PPHM shareholders und die es noch werden möchten,

atuell bietet sich bei pphm eine gute einstiegsmöglich-
keit an. die aktie steht genau an der 200 tageslinie,
die stochastik ist am unteren ende, umsätze sind heute
durchschnitt.wir bilden momentan eine w-formation aus, somit stehen die chancen gut für einen günstigen einstieg. egal ob liebhaber oder einfach nur trader. wer größeres fundamentales interesse zeigt, kann sich ma besten unter informieren !!!


die ist keine aktien-empfehlung. einstieg erfolgt auf eigenes risiko.
@ all,

aktuell bereits 2,22 $, + 2,3 % , mit ansteigendem volumen !!!

@ all,

ist sonst noch jemand in peregrine investiert
und kann vielleicht mal seine meinung hier abgeben ???

danke im voraus

@ all,

anscheinend ist das Interesse nicht sonderlich groß !!!

@ all,

eine info aus dem ragingbull pphm-thread:

By: alandail $
01 Apr 2002, 01:40 PM EST Msg. 82722 of 82749

PPHM Quick Overview (edited to fit on Yahoo, feedback requested)

Peregrine has an amazing amount of technology going for it. TNT, VEA, VTA, 2C3, and Oncolym. Plus a revenue generating subsidiary Avid. Each of these shows great promise. Except for Oncolym, which is specific to Non-Hodgkin`s Lymphoma, each of Peregrine`s technologies are applicable to all forms of solid tumor cancer. Peregrine`s approach is to treat all forms of cancer as a single disease.

TNT - The closest to market, TNT delivers therapy to the inside of a tumor. Testing is currently being done on delivering radiation.
- in China, licensed TNT to Medipharm, who has completed all trials, has shown strong results, especially in lung cancer patients, and is currently awaiting approval from the SDA - China`s version of the FDA.
- Cotara has received fast track and orphan drug status for brain cancer, and is in the process of beginning Phase III brain cancer trials.
- Cotara is also in Phase I trials for several other forms of cancer and is expected to begin Phase I lung cancer trials later this year.

Oncolym - this non-hodgkin`s lymphoma drug is currently in phase I/II trials. In prior phase II trials, Oncolym showed very good results.

VEA - Improves the effectiveness of all forms of chemotherapy. VEA is a pretreatment that improves blood flow to tumors, resulting in a 400% increase in the amount of drug that gets delivered to the tumor. In preclinical trials, VEA makes chemotherapy more effective in destroying tumors including making some forms of chemotherapy effective in fighting tumors it otherwise is ineffective against (because toxicity limits the dosage). VEA is entering Phase I trials later this year.

VTA - Targets and destroys the blood supply to a tumor. By finding markers specific to a tumor`s blood supply, VTA can wipe out the blood supply, effectively giving the tumor a stroke. There are many potential targets. Thanks to patent protection, Peregrine will develop the most promising ourself (with the fully human anti-ps antibody we are developing) and will license other targets to other pharmaceuticals. Preclinical studies show 30% complete remission on multiple forms of cancer.

2C3 - An anti-angiogenesis antibody that targets VEGF. 2C3 exclusively targets a form of VEGF that is only expressed in tumors, thus 2C3 will not show the side effects of other VEGF drugs.

Avid - Peregrine`s subsidiary for manufacturing monoclonal antibodies (MAbs). There is a world wide shortage for MAb production. The projections are $4-$8 million in revenue in 2002, $13-18 million in 2003 and in 2004 generate enough to make Peregrine profitable. Avid was formed in January and has since signed 3 customers, which already brings the revenue for 2002 close to $4 million. The current capacity is about $25 million in reveues. Long term expansion (1 year, $4 million), brings that to about $75 million.

Finances: Until the current quarter, Peregrine had no source of revenue other than licensing it`s technologies. Avid has changed this. The expectation is that by the end of 2003, peregrine will be self funding.

So the question is, how much additional money does Peregrine need to raise. Using the middle numbers in the projections for Avid revenues gives $6 million in revenue in 2002 and $15 million in 2003. The anticiapted expenses for Avid are $3 million in 2002 and $5 million in 2003. This leaves $13 million in profits to offset expenses. Peregrine also has approximately $7 million in the bank, for a total of $20 million to put towards expenses. Peregrine`s anticipated expenses through the end of 2003 are 1.5 million times 21months, or 31.5 million. That only leaves approximately 11.5 million that has to be raised through shelf offerings or licensing before Peregrine is self funding.

(Voluntary Disclosure: Position- Long; ST Rating- Strong Buy; LT Rating- Strong Buy)

@ all,

ist schon seltsam, daß sich keiner für diesen
top-wert interessiert bzw. noch keiner in diesen wert
investiert ist.--eighentlcih traurig---

na dann schau mal unter den threads Peregrine Pharmaceuticals bzw. Techniclone nach, das dürften um die 20 threads seit 1999 sein

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