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IMHO werden die Rohstoffpreise ab sofort wieder anziehen mit einer Ausnahme dem Goldpreis.
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Börsen feiern Gipfel-Ergebnisse - DAX fast 5% im Plus
Erschienen am 27.10.2011 | dpa-AFX

Bei den REE-Preisen kommt, bei Jahr für Jahr weiter stark ansteigenden Bedarf/Nachfrage, zusätzlich ein Effekt hinzu so wie er im folgen Bericht beschrieben wird.

Grüsse JoJo :)

More rare earth companies in China suspending production as prices slide

In a bid to stabilise the rare earths market amid falling local prices and balance the supply and demand position, much of the rare earths mining sector in China is temporarily halting output.
Author: Shivom Seth
Posted: Thursday , 27 Oct 2011

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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 42.266.713 von JoJo49 am 27.10.11 14:52:36Auch der Investor-Verlag hat das Thema wieder entdeckt.

Seltene Erden: Das Zeitfenster bis 2014

Michael Vaupel in Traders Daily zum Thema Rohstoffe
vom 27. Oktober 2011, 12:00 Uhr

Meiner Ansicht nach sind wir gerade in einem Zeitfenster, welches bis ca. 2014 reichen wird. In diesem Zeitfenster gibt es noch kaum Produzenten von Seltenen Erden außerhalb Chinas.

Grüsse JoJo :)
Und wie gehts ez weiter:confused:denke mal lynas wird seinen weg gehen;);)
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 42.267.720 von Emil2365 am 27.10.11 17:10:28So ist es!!



Produktionsstopp Seltene Erden - China will die Preise wieder nach oben bringen

Autor: Björn Junker | 27.10.2011, 15:42

Schlechte Nachrichten für westliche Unternehmen: Wer auf Lieferungen Seltener Erden aus China angewiesen ist, den könnte der nun beschlossene Produktionsstopp härter treffen. Chinesische Hersteller haben den Kampf gegen zuletzt fallende Preise aufgenommen.


Seltenes ist wertvoll für Deutsche Rohstoff AG

Heidelberg (dapd). Wenn in Deutschland der wichtigste Rohstoff Bildung ist, heißt das umgekehrt auch: Aus der Erde lässt sich hierzulande nur wenig holen. Ohne kluge Köpfe funktioniert die deutsche Wirtschaft zwar nicht. Allerdings benötigt sie auch Zinn für die Herstellung vieler Chemikalien, Seltene Erden für Handys oder Elektroautos oder Germanium für Glasfaserkabel. Die Bundesregierung hat die Sicherung von Rohstoffen deswegen als wichtige Zukunftsaufgabe ausgerufen. Und ein kleines Unternehmen aus Heidelberg wittert gute Geschäfte.


Grüsse JoJo :)
NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING To be held on Wednesday 30 November 2011
at 10.00 am (Sydney time) at the Barnet Long Room, Customs House, 31 Alfred Street, Sydney NSW
Auf 100-Seiten alle aktuellen Infos zu und um Lynas:

LYC Lynas Corporation Limited
October 2011
28th Annual Report to shareholders


The Lynas vision is to become the leader
in Rare Earths for a sustainable future.
This vision lives through our people
and the way we do business.
Shared values and a culture which
unlocks the potential of our people
are fundamental to our success.
This is the Lynas Way.

Safety is the basis of how we care for
our people and our communities. We
think, talk and act safely. Lynas cares
by protecting our environment and
building sustainable relationships with our
communities. We succeed by encouraging
our people to reach their full potential.

Respect is central to how we conduct
our business and relate to each other.
At Lynas we value our differences and take
pride in making things happen. We respect
our history and celebrate our success.
We do what we say we will do.

Relationships underpin our success. At
Lynas we recognise that teamwork drives
our performance and that teams thrive on
inspiring leadership. We care for and support
each other and are focussed on delivering
outcomes for our customers.

We hold integrity as a core commitment. At
Lynas we communicate openly and honestly
with each other and our communities. We
trust each other and admit and learn from our
mistakes. Our stand for integrity is what allows us
to be truly innovative in the pursuit of our vision.

We are passionate about what we do and
boldly find new ways to succeed. At Lynas we
embrace breakthrough thinking and imagine
our future. We aspire to great things and have
the courage to succeed in building a global
Rare Earths business.

The Lynas values of care, respect, relationships,
integrity and courage guide our decision
making every day. They provide certainty for
our people and give us a shared understanding
about expectations. These values have been
developed over the last two years and reflect
who we are and what we stand for.
Shared values, ONE VISION.



To be held on Wednesday 30 November 2011 at 10.00 am (Sydney time) at the Barnet Long Room, Customs House, 31 Alfred Street, Sydney NSW

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@ ein schönes WE

kann bis zum 06.11. nicht online sein

bis dann

Grüsse JoJo :)
In dem folgendem Artikel geht es primär um die anstehenden Wahlen in Malaysia und wir wissen auch das die Regierungspartei die Wahlen wieder gewinnen wird und die LAMP haben will nur interessant finde ich den Passus zur LAMP das u.a. auch Oppositionsparteien der LAMP neutral bis positiv sehen und der AELB vertrauen.
Da scheint Fuziah Salleh mit ihrer PKR und ihrer Antilynasbewegung ziemlich allein auf weiter Front zu stehen.

Grüsse JoJo :)

Monday November 7, 2011

Pahang BN: Kuantan and Indera Mahkota will fall to us


KUANTAN: The Pahang Barisan Nasional is confident it can take back two parliamentary seats Kuantan and Indera Mahkota at the next general election.

Adnan, who is the Mentri Besar said if AELB allowed Lynas Malaysia Sdn Bhd to commence its operation in the Gebeng industrial area here, it would mean the project was safe.

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Nichts wirklich neues was JL hier von sich gibt aber im Großen und Ganzen eine teiweise nachvollziehbare Aussage.

Grüsse JoJo :)

Most non-Chinese rare earth projects doomed: consultant

By Alessandra Prentice

LONDON | Tue Nov 1, 2011 10:25am EDT

LONDON (Reuters) - The vast majority of non-Chinese rare earth metal (REM) ventures will fail due to a lack of expertise and high ore processing costs, says Jack Lifton, founder of the industry consultancy Technology Metals Research.


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What are their prices?http://www.lynascorp.com/page.asp?category_id=1&page_id=25

Thorium pushed as uranium alternative


The foundation backs the more rapid development of a different approach: liquid thorium fuel technology, which was pioneered by the American nuclear physicist Alvin Weinberg in the 1960s.

Opportunities to capitalise on thorium are likely to exist for the ASX-listed Lynas Corporation and Iluka Resources.

Iluka is a mineral sands miner that ranks as the world's biggest producer of zircon and many industry pundits believe its tenements hold more thorium than any other Australian company.


Experts still confident Lynas will deliver

By Andrew Duffy on 7 November 2011

Deutsche Bank analyst Levi Spry says he is sticking to his “buy” recommendation for Lynas Corporation despite its troubles in Malaysia.

Last week Lynas announced delays in the construction of the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant and said it was unlikely first feed to kiln would occur until early next year.

But Spry said the nature of the plant meant investors should have expected some minor hiccups.

“Given the project complexity, further hold-ups are not unexpected,” he said.

Spry said delays in obtaining an operating permit for the plant had also pushed out his 2012 and 2013 production forecasts.

Lynas said last week its Mount Weld concentration plant was performing ahead of expectations and its Malaysia plant construction was 78 per cent complete at the end of the quarter.

Lynas stocks continue to be volatile in the short-term as the company faces significant public opposition to its Malaysia operations.

It’s share price plunged in late October following a statement by the Malaysian Government that the company had not been given permission to import ore.

But the statement was made in response to earlier incorrect claims Lynas would be shipping ore by the end of October.

The company later slammed the rumours of October shipping as “factually wrong”.

Deutsche Bank said the only future problems for Lynas would be risks production delays could see the company’s funds tighten up around December 2012.

It said if the risk materialised it would have implications for the company’s planned $264 million stage II expansion.

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