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ether thesis with complex particles

Dear Mr ...,

I am no physicist and I am not good at higher mathematics but I have an in principle simple thesis of everything (TOE).

Like you I expect the existence of an ether of little elements/particles. I call this particles "basic particles" or "creation particles". These creation particles may be for instance only about 10^-27 m in diameter but in relation to their inner structure they are quite big, fractal and complex.

Eyery phenomena (like photons, electrons, atoms, humans) are oly a pattern of for instance vibrations which are carried and transported by the creation particles. Our universe is filled with these creation particles, which are mostly stationary. The patterns move over the stationary creation particles.

My thesis can explain the existance of the natural laws and why they are the same everywhere. This is because the creation particles are exactly equal und their inner structure determines how the vibration patterns are processed and in this way the natural laws are realised.

The creation particles may have at least 7 different state spaces: the lowest state is the known normal space, the next higher space is the hyperspace in which the speed of light can be exceeded.

This may sound unbelievable but I think that's how it is. The revolution of basic physics is near and soon (perhaps befor 2050) there will be awesome experiments like teleportation.

By the way: a prove of the existance of such creation particles is nothing less than a prove of the almighty god because only he could have created an universe full of such potent an equal creation particles.

Some postings in German:……………

With kind regards

Michael ... (alles imho)
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Ich halte alles inkl Zeitreisen für machbar, beim Beamen eines Körpers in die gleiche Zeitebene habe ich starke Zweifel für die nächsten 1000 Jahre

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