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11.08.20 01:39:54
Uber and Lyft Ordered to Stop Classifying Drivers as Independent Contractors…
Uber and Lyft on Monday were ordered by a state court in California to stop classifying their drivers as independent contractors, and instead to follow the terms of a state law that requires the companies to treat drivers as employees.

Superior Court Judge Ethan Schulman granted a preliminary injunction against further violations of the law, but also issued a 10-day stay of the ruling to given the companies the opportunity to appeal.

Last year, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law a measure passed by the state legislature called AB5 (Assembly Bill 5) that requires companies to pass certain tests before they can treat workers as contractors rather than employees. The law was specifically targeted at “gig” drivers such as those who work for Uber (ticker: UBER) and Lyft (LYFT), the defendants in this case. Uber, Lyft, and the food-delivery company DoorDash are behind Proposition 22, a ballot measure to be considered by California voters in November that would exempt the gig companies from AB5.

The ruling today came in a case filed in May by the city attorneys of Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco on behalf of the state. In his opinion, the judge writes that the government has “amply demonstrated a reasonable probability of prevailing on their claim that Defendants are misclassifying their drivers,” adding that “Defendants contrary arguments lack merit.”

The judge finds that the companies’ “contention that they are not hiring entities within the meaning of the statute cannot be squared with the undisputed reality that they hire and contract with drivers.”

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11.08.20 13:06:20
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 64.713.187 von faultcode am 11.08.20 01:39:54Lyft, der lahme Bruder von Uber -- also extra-lahm:

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12.08.20 23:12:25
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Lyft to suspend rides in California over order to classify drivers as employees…
<auch UBER>

=> aber so was Fundamentales juckt doch heutzutage keine Aktien. Darauf daher mal:

• LYFT: +1.9%
• UBER: +3.9%

=> merke: wo nicht gefahren wird, fallen auch keine Kosten an :D
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20.08.20 22:29:11
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 64.831.360 von faultcode am 20.08.20 20:47:48daran lag es:

Ein Berufungsgericht im Bundesstaat Kalifornien hatte entschieden, dass Uber und Lyft ihre Fahrer erst einmal nicht - wie zuvor von einem Richter entschieden - rasch als Mitarbeiter statt als unabhängige Unternehmer behandeln müssen.…
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--> Grund:…
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 65.592.089 von faultcode am 04.11.20 13:17:31…

Lyft Chief Financial Officer Brian Roberts reiterated the company’s goal to turn an adjusted profit by the end of 2021, “even with a slower recovery.”
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10.02.21 23:21:12
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The Gig Economy Is Coming for Millions of American Jobs
California’s vote to classify Uber and Lyft drivers as contractors has emboldened other employers to eliminate salaried positions—and has become a cornerstone of bigger plans to “Uberize” the U.S. workforce.……
Now Uber, after successfully reshaping culture and politics to accommodate its business model, is bending unions, too. Labor groups have to take seriously the prospect that if they don’t come to the table, the companies will write the laws themselves, as they did with Prop 22. Favorable results for the companies in Washington, D.C., California, or New York—where the state budget due to pass by April 1 is one vehicle for compromise—could lead all sorts of other businesses to edge their way out of traditional employment.
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04.03.21 00:19:59
Wundert schon, dass die Börsen wenig bis gar nicht zwischen den Unternehmen unterscheiden, die bereits satte Gewinne schreiben und noch dazu deutlich wachsen und solchen, deren Schuldenberg durch fortgesetzte Verluste weiter wächst.

Bestes Beispiel heute CRM oder ETSY vs. LYFT.

Daran ändert auch nicht wirklich etwas, wenn der LYFT-Chef die beste Woche seit Coronabeginn verkündet wie heute geschehen, was mal eben für weitere 10% gut war. Als wäre der Kurs nicht seit Monaten genau deswegen gestiegen.
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