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As we sift through the rubble, the stocks that got beat down the least are the ones that will move first. With bargains galore, it may surprise
you that we bring you a microcap idea this week. However, what we have here is a lean, mean intellectual property machine with a partner`s list that is
a veritable Who`s Who and indispensable technology. Its technology goes into many of the fast-growing computer lines and consumer electronics
devices you`ll be seeing at Christmas. And, best of all, the company has been profitable for six straight quarters. The timing to buy this unknown stock
couldn`t be better and you`ll be well rewarded.

Spatializer Audio Labs (SPAZ, 62c) is the leading developer of virtual surround-sound technology for computers, DVD players and MP3 players,
among many other devices. Their proprietary algorithms embedded in digital signal processors (DSPs) distribute sound so that there is a concert
environment created, even with a set of headphones. Acclaimed as the most natural virtual surround sound available, Spatializer N-2-2
reproduces the spatial realism of 5.1 channels of Dolby Digital through just two standard speakers, thereby eliminating the cost and
complexity of multi-speaker installations. Their biggest clients are Apple, who has been using SPAZ`s technology in its computers for quite a while,
and a comprehensive list of Japanese consumer electronics manufacturers: Samsung, Hitachi, Toshiba, Acer and Matsushita. But the best is yet to
come: the Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association says that there were 1M MP3 players in use in 1999, 1.5M in 2000 and there will be
whopping 32M by 2003!!! In addition, the amount of information (known as MIPS) that can be embedded on a DSP doubles each year, so that SPAZ`s
elegant technology will only get better, faster and cheaper.

SPAZ just joined with MIPS Technologies (MIPS & MIPSB), a leading provider of processors and cores for digital consumer and network applications.
SPAZ will port its embedded audio enhancement technologies to the MIPS32 and MIPS64 architecture platforms that are being designed
into a growing number of consumer and networking products. SPAZ thus gains access to MIPS` OEMs and licensees with applications such as video
game consoles, MP3 players, PDAs and digital set-top boxes. MIPS-based technology is currently utilized in a dazzling array of consumer electronics
devices including PlayStation, PlayStation2, Nintendo64, ReplayTV, EchostarDish, Cassiopeia and WebTV, among others. By having Spatializer
audio enhancement technology pre-ported to the MIPS RISC processors, manufacturers are provided with a fast, cost-effective solution for delivering
rich, multi-channel audio enhancement from just two speakers or headphones. This is a real big deal for a small company and we are very excited
about its potential for SPAZ. The N-2-2 audio enhancement technology has also been included in the first DVD-RW (read/write) recorder from LG
Electronics Spatializer Audio Laboratories, Inc.

Spatializer, with its current portfolio of relationships, can leverage its presence not only for the next generation products but also for the "leapfrog"
technology that follows. The company plans to also expand its presence in harmonics, making audio more clear for electronic musical instruments.
Since the arrival two years ago of CEO Henry Mandell, the company has become a purely intellectual property operation: a staff of 8, half of
them engineers, a lean overhead and overseas sales offices staffed by independent reps.

SPAZ has about 46.7M shares outstanding and most of it is in the float; the company also has $3.5M in the bank, almost 8c a share, and growing. In the
six months ended June 30, the increase in Spatializer N-2-2 revenue was driven by an increase of more than 150% in third-party DVD and DSP
shipments, which generate royalties on the order of 15-20c per unit for the company (we can`t be sure because SPAZ protects its agreements for
competitive reasons). This year`s revenues will be on the order of $2.5M, but we expect a 60-70% increase in 2001. We are forecasting EPS of
3-4c for the current fiscal year and EPS of 6-7c next year. This is a fast-growing mini-Qualcomm without the manufacturing, growing just as
fast and selling at 10 times earnings. Very appetizing...

We are adding to our positions in a stock that was first featured by us in March of 1999 at 28c. SPAZ is in a nice channel trend and 78c will be a
short-term break out of its base.

No compensation was received for the SPAZ report whatsoever


We want to alert you to a stock that is an up-and-comer in the wireless applications area for handheld computers, and one that has held up remarkably
well in the recent market turmoil, indicating that it will be another first mover to the upside. We are preparing a full research report on IVP Technology
(TALL, 66c,BB) but we wanted to bring it to your attention now, on the heels of a recent round of financing. The stock has formed a tremendous 5 month
base just above 60c, and they just announced the first major sale of their proprietary technology. Here is a telltale quote from their first client:
"PowerAudit is so beautifully designed, we bought it and scrapped similar software we had in development for six months,`` said Cheri Wells, VP of
Strategic Marketing Partners. "With 180 remote sales staff across the US, timely and accurate reporting is the hardest part of our business. PowerAudit
not only speeds up accurate reporting but is also easy to implement with minimal training." There is a lot more good news to come and, if you`ll look
into the story on your own, you will probably decide to get on board before there is volume coming into the stock.
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