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Metabox starts pilot project with South Africa Telkom

Met@box AG of Hildesheim, Germany, announces a pilot project with South Africa Telkom, the largest telecommunications company in South Africa, to test Met@box internet technology in the South African market. Telkom will provide the necessary infrastructure and human resources through its daughter company Intekom. A portal, based on Met@box¥s own content management system, designed for TV resolution will also be maintained by Intekom. The portal will concentrate on education offerings and general information.

Met@box will provide at least 60 Met@boxes for the internet-access over television field-trial as well as the necessary software for customer relations and training personnel.

The trial with demographically selected test candidates will run for two months. The purpose of the test is to evaluate the market potential for Met@box and Telkom, to gather information on tele-learning, and to get an exact definition of the user-requirements. Additionally, it is also the basis for the ongoing negotiations regarding a partnership between Telkom SA Ltd. and Met@box AG with the desired result of establishing a nationwide set-top-box service.

Because of its relatively low price, Telkom perceive the Met@box set-top-boxes as a great opportunity to give the lower-income bracket of the population access to information and education. Telkom is looking to play in a leading role in bringing this technology to South Africa.

Met@box AG, Hildesheim, Germany, develops, produces and markets set-top boxes bringing the Internet to the TV screen. Furthermore, the company broadcasts, via the patented BOT technology, an InternetTV program under the brand Met@TV, and herewith provides its own platform for e-commerce and online shopping.

To learn more about Metabox visit the website, www.metaboxUSA.com or contact us at 512-320-9145. Metabox AG is listed on the Neuer Stock Exchange; www.neuer-markt. de under the symbol; mbx .

The Met@box logo and joeCARD are registered trademarks of Metabox AG. All other product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.



..keine überzogenen Erwartungen bzg. eines Auftrages in naher Zukunft.

..Testphase dürfte bald beendet sein, was aber nicht heißt, daß nun ein Auftrag vor der Tür steht.

..Test ist Grundlage für die andauernden Verhandlungen. Wir sollten nicht enttäuscht sein, wenn wir über SA eine Weile nichts hören.

.. falls es klappen sollte...prima

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Wie schätzt Ihr Südafrika ein? Habt Ihr Neuigkeiten?
die Brüder da unten sollen einen sehr gemütlichen Verhandlungsstil pflegen
Geduld wäre angebracht
CU mindestrentner

Meine Rede....

Es wäre trotzdem sehr schön, wenn Ihr über den Fortgang dieses Projekts Informationen sammeln und hier reinstellen könntet.


Gruss aus schwaben
16 January 2001
Telkom IPO to go ahead in 2001

Telkom’s IPO will go ahead during 2001.
This follows a statement issued by Telkom today, which states that “following today`s meeting between the Telkom Board of Directors, the Minister of Public Enterprises, Jeff Radebe, the Minister of Communications, Ivy Matsepe-Casaburri and the Minister of Finance, Trevor Manuel, the parties are pleased to announce their commitment to ensure that the IPO proceeds in the current year.”

According to Telkom, the meeting laid to rest the speculation that there was a rift between Government and the Telkom Board.

“The Ministers affirmed their confidence in the Telkom Board and their leadership through this challenging period,” the organisation says.

“The parties agreed that policy and regulatory certainty was critical for a successful listing and the Ministers assured the Telkom Board that the policy would be finalised in the first quarter of the year. “
Wenn SA-Telkom nun einen Auftrag vergibt, bleibt dann der Name auch geheim?
@Manfred222: NEIN

HNS Works In South Africa - Hughes Network Systems is expanding its relationship with South Africa`s Telkom SA Limited. Under an agreement recently struck with the company, HNS will supply Telkom SA with 14,000 VSAT terminals, a network it said will meet 90 percent of the country`s VSAT needs. The VSAT network will be used for election monitoring, air traffic control, rapid financial transactions and multimedia services.


18. Januar 2001

interessanter Artikel.

Habe mal bei http://www.hns.com/products/index.htm nachgesehen was VSAT Terminals sind.

HNS führt das Produkt unter Enterprise Solutions, nicht
unter Consumer Products.

The Hughes Network Systems (HNS) VSAT product line is designed to provide cost-effective telecommunications to a wide array of industries around the world. VSATs are effective tools for LAN internetworking, multimedia image transfer, batch and interactive data transmission, interactive voice, and broadcast data and video communications.

Hört sich für mich nach Investitionen in die Infrastruktur
an. In jedem Falls tut sich was. Ob es für MBX positiv
endet, muss man abwarten.


...deshalb hab ich den Artikel reingestellt ;-)

...regt zum nachdenken an
Die Meldung ist auch noch mal auf der Webseite von HNS
zu finden.

Dort etwas ausführlicher. Könnte es sein,
dass es hier um Infrastruktur und B2B geht?


Hughes Network Systems Inks Extensive Supply Agreement with Telkom South Africa

HNS Will Provide 90 Percent of Telkom South Africa`s VSAT Networks

GERMANTOWN, MD, JANUARY 16, 2001...Hughes Network Systems (HNS), a world leader in Broadband Everywhere™ services and applications for businesses and consumers, will provide Telkom South Africa Limited, South Africa’s leading communications operator, with an extensive range of very small aperture terminal (VSAT) satellite equipment and services to serve the country’s metropolitan and rural areas.

HNS is the leading supplier of VSAT network equipment in Africa with more than fifteen African operators utilizing HNS hubs and HNS equipment deployed in all but three of the African countries. HNS’ VSAT products facilitate the delivery of interactive data, voice, facsimile, and multimedia services, and are projected to support 90 percent of Telkom South Africa’s VSAT requirements. It is estimated that HNS will supply up to 14,000 terminals under this contract.

With this four-year agreement, HNS will support Telkom SA in the delivery of its SpaceStream VSAT service. The contract also includes sales and marketing support from HNS, and maintenance for ten previously installed HNS satellite hub earth stations. The SpaceStream VSAT service provides networks to market segments such as financial services, retail, and manufacturing, and government services such as air traffic control, police, and election monitoring. These networks run a variety of applications from email, Point-of-Sale, ATM, voice, and telex to newer multimedia, business television, and e- learning applications.

"We view this agreement with Hughes Network Systems as a means to aggressively meet our customers’ needs in South Africa and beyond," said Telkom SA’s SpaceStream Portfolio Manager, Sean Victor. "Africa’s telecommunications market continues to evolve and expand at an explosive rate and HNS’ technology offers the most advanced infrastructure, efficient deployment, and after-sales support as we expand our offerings to our customers."

Telkom SA has already signed a major financial institution as its first customer for a deployment of over 700 remote terminals.

"Telkom SA considered other satellite equipment providers," said Bahram Pourmand, executive vice president of HNS, "but selected HNS based on our past record. We deliver on our promises of strong customer service, advanced product development, and solid marketing support."


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