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xjo on the move and lyc is ? (mitta3)
A couple charts if anyone is interested

First up, is an intraday that is really looking at the last 4days,

Over that period, have we had a tad of climatic action that is roughly followed by,
a bit of to and fro, churning, which is all part of a days work,

that has come (hopefully) out the other end as happy little vegies?

Won't bore anyone with any dribble, then last chart is the daily.

Will know shortly


Grüsse JoJo :)
spring a ding on the menu or not (mitta3)
Just wondering if today we may have a spring forming.

Of course it may just be a sign of more supply but we'll obviously know one way or the other within a day and a bit I guess.

To quote from the springy hankbook,

"...A spring is a price move below the support level of a trading range that quickly reverses and moves back into the range.

It is an example of a bear trap because the drop below support appears to signal resumption of the downtrend.

In reality, though, the drop marks the end of the (in this case it would be ST) downtrend, thus trapping the late sellers, or bears.

The extent of supply, or the strength of the sellers, can be judged by the depth of the price move to the new lows and the relative level of volume in that penetration.."

Day chart half complete

@ eine erfolgreiche Woche

Grüsse JoJo :)
re: lyscf and lysdy are up in the usa (mitta3)

All 4 amigos on the one big screen, bring your popcorn take a seat

Also hopefully tomorrow all the mums are pampered like they deserve






Grüsse JoJo :)
re: chart (musashi69)
The support off the double bottom held on a Bullish Harami. Not a textbook Harami. But if we get the northward move on confirmation tomorrow I'll be happy.

Musashi's Short Term Trading Strategies



Grüsse JoJo :)
the good news is... (timmo69) Trade LYC with
I sought some sense in the charts after todays actions and tried to take a step back and yep, it aint so bad really.

The first thing is that it did recover to a reasonable price given the lows tested today.

The other thing is that I noticed the %R actually rose today coming up out of the oversold zone.

Hmmn. Thats interesting.

Next the Slow STochatistic will form a divergen double bottom tomorrow as it follows the %R. This indicated trend reversal.

The SSToch also has higher lows in this divergent pattern.

OK. The RSI did not trip into the oversold territory which you would kind of expect.

So tomorrow will be good. The next few days very good maybe.

If the indicators are right then the trend could be reversing from here and what we saw today was a selling climax.

I know that today was a shock and some lost $$.

But the good news IMO is that it will get better from here.

I am just glad that I took the view that the stock was too volatile to set a stop loss on, so they didn't get one single share from me.

My view is that it is going up from here and we should see about a buck by the end of the week.



Grüsse JoJo :)
weekly chart (Twinvest) Trade LYC with

Follow on Twitter @Twinvestor

@ ein schönes WE

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insurance policies up to date (mitta3) Trade LYC with
updated charts for anyone who may be interested

intraday chart

day chart

P.S. click twice on chart may help


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re: 2nd bar (Soul_surfer) Trade LYC with
Sorry for the late reply, hope this is clear as mud!!

Also to add had the 2nd bar closed higher above the close of the 1st bar we could of expected the price to hold or infact climb for the day. This is how I understand it but im no expert. DYOR.



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