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Forge Resources - Maiden JORC Resource Eucla West Project: 470.000.000 tonnes @4.6% HM - Feb 6, 2012
Strata Oil - 517.000.000 Bbl Cadotte Project Draws Heightened Industry Interest; R. Daehms: "We have had very productive conversations with several potential partners, although we have rejected their proposals to date. Ultimately, our goal is to engage +structure a partnership that delivers maximum value to our shareholders for this billion dollar asset. We intend to continue advancing our industry relationships in Asia, to this end. With an estimated :eek: :eek: bbls of oil in the Peace River region alone, market interest in the Alberta Carbonate Triangle potential to be a significant energy resource is peaking. @this stage in our development, it makes sense for Strata to seek a joint venture partner that can accelerate execution of our $250.000.000 capital five phase plan to develop our Cadotte holdings, which based on preliminary studies we believe has the potential to produce >56.000 bbls/day of oil with a high side estimated NPV of $1.900.000.000 USD" - Feb 7, 2012
Rio Tinto says mine automation benefits outweigh costs - MW/BAEc, PERTH - Feb 6, 2012

- E. Swanepoel -

"Mining giant Rio Tinto on Monday reported that investment into new mining technology and innovation should sustain long-term competitiveness, while also providing broader economic benefits from a strong mining industry.

In a report commissioned by Rio Tinto, the miner noted that while the costs and challenges of automation in the mining sector were substantial, they were potentially far outweighed by the benefits that could be delivered :eek: .

“The ‘BAEconomics’ report highlights the increasingly complex challenges being faced by the mining industry :eek: . Our industry is facing maturing orebodies :eek: , fewer tier-one deposits :eek: :eek: , increasingly complex geographies :eek: :eek: :eek: and labour shortages :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: and the report details how innovation in autonomous technologies can play an important role in addressing these challenges,” said Rio’s head of innovation, John McGagh.

He noted that the technologies currently being tested cemented Rio’s position in the field of mining innovation.

“In iron-ore, we are introducing automated trucks, blast-hole drill rigs, sorting machines and trains, all of which are capable of being controlled by our operations center in Perth, which already integrates our port, rail and mine logistics,” said McGagh.

He added that Rio’s research partnerships were also assisting in this endeavour, with the Rio Tinto Centre for Mine Automation, established at the University of Sydney, being one of five global research center links with universities :eek: .

“These research centers bring together the experience and know-how of our own technology and mining professionals with some of the best academic minds to achieve changes that are transforming the way mining, processing and energy are approached,” McGagh said.

Rio’s Mine of the Future programme has been running for the past four years, and was aimed at finding advanced ways to mine and extract minerals more efficiently, while reducing environmental impacts and improving safety
Energio - Dilling update No. 3 - Agbaja Iron Ore Exploration Project; Ian Burston: "these results compared with the results to date are encouraging as they appear to be homogeneous. Also, over the next few months in addition to completing the analysis of drill samples, we will also be selecting samples for metallurgical testing to determine optimal ways of processing this material" - Feb 6, 2012

+ Company receives results of the 3rd batch of assay results

+ Grade +thickness of ore body consistent with previous results

+ Thickness of intersections on average 3m thicker in main ore body than 1st results

+ continuous results are now being received and released to the market from the 200 drill holes completed to date of the planned 20.000 metres of drilling for resource definition @the Agbaja Iron Ore Exploration Project. With the recommencement of drilling last week the company remains on target to finalise the drilling +sampling program within the 2nd quarter of ´12 ...
Fancamp Exploration - Final Assay Results From the Magpie Project, drills up to 370.3m @43.28% FeT, 11.57% TiO2, 1.62% Cr2O3 +3307ppm V2O5, +24 other >200m intersections :eek: :eek: ; All holes presented were drilled on the #2 Deposit which has an historic +non NI 43-101 compliant resource of 912.474.000 tons of 43.10% Fe, 10.60% TiO2 +1.55% Cr. A total of 31 diamond drill holes(DDH's) were collared from Section 12 to Section 33 representing a strike length of 2.1 km. Core lengths for 60° E inclined holes are considered close to the true width, drill programme was conducted from mid-June to September ´11. It utilized two diamond drills with large core sizes(NQ +BTW); a total of 8.000 metres in 31 holes were completed. A semi-permanent camp for 12 men was established near the south end of the air-strip established by Stratmat in ´59 during their exhaustive sampling program. The equipment was mobilized from Havre St. Pierre by fixed wing to the air-strip; local moves were by helicopter. Core was logged +split on site. The half splits were flown by fixed wing to Havre St. Pierre +thence by truck to ALS Laboratories for assays, Geological logging +chemical assays show that the Magpie deposit is uniform in composition +mineralogy from the hanging wall to the foot wall, with only very minor dyking in the 1st +last ten metres of each intersection. The deposit forms a long ridge ~250 metres above the valley floor -amenable to low cost mining with negligible waste rock; Company has commissioned P&E Mining Consultants Inc. of Brampton Ontario to conduct modelling +calculation of the resources @Magpie based upon drilling results. Magpie was visited during the drill programme +the NI 43-101 resource estimate is expected shortly, mechanics of taking the Magpie to an IPO in the Spring are underway - Feb 7, 2012
Cap-Ex Ventures - Drill Results Indicate "Northwest Zone" Open to the North, South +West; Francois Laurin: "The latest drill holes continue to deliver quality results from our Block 103 property. We have designed an aggressive exploration program with the objective of issuing an initial mineral resource estimate by the end of ´12 +a preliminary economic assessment by the end of the 1st quarter of ´13" - Feb 7, 2012
Russen zapfen Urzeitsee an; In einem 3.800 Meter tiefen Loch jagen Forscher bizarre Lebensformen; Russische Forscher haben nach jahrelanger Arbeit offenbar den Wostoksee unter dem Eispanzer der Antarktis angebohrt. Das gigantische Wasserreservoir hatte vermutlich seit Hunderttausenden Jahren keinen Kontakt zur Außenwelt -&"könnte" bizarre Lebensformen :eek: :eek: beherbergen - W - Feb 7, 2012

- C. Seidler -
Freier Fall aus 36.000 Metern :eek: :eek: ; Österreicher will als erster Mensch Sprung aus dem All wagen :eek: :eek: :eek: , Im freien Fall will er die Schallmauer durchbrechen - W - Feb 7, 2012

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