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Pacific Century Cyberworks weiter Richtung 3€ ! :-)) - 500 Beiträge pro Seite

Beitrag schreiben

Begriffe und/oder Benutzer


PCCW (WKN 924882) hat in den letzten Tagen zwei weitere Beteiligungen bekanntgegeben.
Kein Wunder also, warum die Aktie in dieser Woche bereits um 10% gestiegen ist.
Aufgrund der weiterhin großen Phantasie in diesem Wert, denke ich, wir werden bald wieder
das alte Hoch von 2,98€ sehen. Und sollte das von einem großen Brokerhaus angepeilt Kursziel auf
Sicht von 12 Monaten eintreffen (35 HK$), sehen wir in diesem Jahr auch noch die 4 vor dem Komma !!!

Nachfolgend erstmal die Meldungen über die neuen Beteiligung TOM.COM und DigiScents !

Viel Spaß mit den nächsten 10-50% !!! :-))

03/02 06:23 PCCW <1186.HK> to acquire 5 pct stake in TOM.COM
HONG KONG, Feb 3 (Reuters) - TOM.COM Ltd, an Internet portal
unit of Cheung Kong group <0001.HK>, said on Thursday Pacific
Century CyberWorks <1186.HK> had agreed to acquire a five percent
strategic interest in the company.
After the transaction, Hutchison Whampoa Ltd <0013.HK> and
Cheung Kong (Holdings) Ltd would hold about 57 percent of
TOM.COM, down from the existing 60 percent, the company said in
the statement.
Strategic investors Handel International Ltd and Schumann
International Ltd would hold 14.25 percent and 23.75 percent
The companies would not disclose the cost of the transaction
since this was a private deal, a spokeswoman at Hutchison said.
Hutchison`s shareholding in the website portal would fall to
38 percent from 40 percent and Cheung Kong (Holdings) Ltd`s
interest in the company would decrease to 19 percent from 20
percent on completion of the acquisition, TOM.COM said.
"Under this strategic partnership,... we shall explore
development opportunities to create the maximum synergies and
value-added benefits for both companies," TOM.COM chief executive
officer Carl Chang said in the statement.
PCCW is a subsidiary of Singapore listed Pacific Century
Regional Developments Ltd <PCEN.SI>, which is controlled by
Richard Li, younger son of Cheung Kong chairman Li Ka-shing and a
deputy chairman of Hutchison.
TOM.COM is a mega-portal aimed at offering comprehensive
China-related and global content to a global audience in
different languages.
Market sources said TOM.COM was expected to raise about
HK$530 millin by floating less than 20 percent new shares on the
Growth Enterprise Market by the end of this month or early March.
Hutchison managing director Canning Fok said in late January
the company would seek a separate listing of TOM.COM soon but he
declined to give a timetable nor where the portal would be
((Hong Kong Newsroom +852 2843-6369, Fax +852 2845-0636

01/02 15:16 Pac Cent Cyber <1186.HK> invests in U.S.scent firm
HONG KONG, Feb 1 (Reuters) - Hong Kong technology firm
Pacific Century CyberWorks Ltd (PCCW) had acquired a 12.5
percent stake in DigiScents Inc of the United States for US$10
million in cash, DigiScents said in a statement.
DigiScents, a private corporation founded in February 1999
and located in Oakland, California, offers a solution for
digitizing and broadcasting scents over the Internet.
With the latest strategic cooperation, PCCW unit Pacific
Century Convergence would bring DigiScents` digital scent
technology to the Asia-Pacific market via its fully converged
broadband digital video and Internet service to be launched in
mid-2000, the U.S. firm said.
With the digital scent technology, users of digital media
can smell an image with a computer speaker-sized device.
DigiScents said it would unveil its ScentStream software and
iSmell computer peripheral device in the coming months, bringing
scent to web sites, DVDs, games and other digital media.
((Hong Kong Newsroom +852 2843-6590, Fax +852 2845-0636
Sorry, habe vergessen, noch den Chart mitzuliefern.

Also, wie ihr seht, ist der Umsatz gestern wieder richtig schön angezogen.
Leider war heute in Hongkong Feiertag, so daß die leider heute keine Vorgaben
machen konnten. Trotzdem ist PCCW heute um 8 Cent gestiegen.
Bin mal gespannt, wie Hongkong am Montag ihren Boxenstop beendet und wieder in die
Rallye einsteigt.

Und noch eine Frage an alle: Wo bekomme ich von PCCW Realtime-Kurse aus Hongkong geliefert ???

Schon mal danke im voraus.

Diese Aktie ist meine Langfristanlage. Ich gebe kein Stück her; mal sehen, wo sie in 1-2 Jahren steht. Ich glaube bedeutend höher!!! Oder alles ist weg; das kann ich mir jedoch nicht vorstellen.
unter www.quam.net kannst du dich anmelden und die wkn für pccw ist die 1186
Suppi !

Vielen Dank, Jungs !

Habe Stk. 1.300 bei 2,17€ gekauft und habe sie für die nächsten 1-2 Jahre
für mein Portfolio eingeplant. Mal sehen, wie schnell die 4€ zu sehen sind!

Bei Turbodyne war das ne Sache von 2 Monaten! grins
Ich weiß, kein guter Vergleich, aber man ist halt auch ein wenig ungeduldig.

Hat jemand auch schon eine Seite gefunden, wo man zusätzliche aktuelle News und Firmen-
formationen finden kann ???

Thanks a lot
Hat wohl keiner ne Seite in seinem Archiv !

Schade. Aber trotzdem viel Spaß mit unserer PCCW in der nächsten Zeit !!!

Und noch ein schönes Wochenende!
Hier meine Top-Site zu Asien und Indien werte. Auch viele Infos und Verweise zu PCCW.


kannst ja mal zurückposten wie dir die Site gefällt.

das "kostjagarnix"
Klasse. Vielen Dank für die URL.

Hab schon mal gleich ne neue Nachricht von gestern ausgegraben !!! As follow:

11:11 PCCW (1186) very optimistic about PRC internet business

(Infocast News) It has been recently reported that NOWTV, subsidiary of Pacific Century CyberWorks (1186) (PCCW), can only broadcast English programmes in the Mainland for the time being which arouses
people`s doubt on its popularity. Yet, Mingpao quoted the spokesman of PCCW yesterday that PRC, Japan and India are their principal markets of broadband online TV. The company is very optimistic about the
development of the internet business in PRC and will admits to strictly adhere to the laws and regulations of PRC.


für weitere Links und infos stets zu Haben

das "kostjagarnix"
Ach ja, und hier übrigens die Kaufempfehlung von Lehman Brothers vom 27.01.00:


SINGAPORE, Jan 27 (Reuters) - Lehman Brothers said it had assigned a 1-Buy rating with a 12-month "strategic value" share target of HK$35.00 per share to Pacific Century
Cyberworks, the Hong Kong-based Internet and communications firm. "Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCCW) (joint venture) with CMGI is, in our view, an important and exciting
step in the evolution of PCCW. This venture will, we anticipate, add value for PCCW," the investment house said in a research note received by Reuters on Thursday.

PCCW had said on Tuesday that it was forming a joint venture with U.S. Internet firm CMGI Inc to be headquartered in Hong Kong and called CMGI Asia. "Against a sum of
parts value of HK$10 per share, we are setting an aggressive 12-month `strategic value` share target of HK$35 per share for the company based on a continued expectation of
value-accretive transactions which have become the company`s hallmark," it said. Lehman`s 1-Buy rating for PCCW, an upgrade from V1-Buy, implies that the research house
expects the stock to outperform the underlying index by 15 percent over a 12-month period.

It said the company`s joint venture with CMGI would open the door for the Hong Kong firm to take part in, and gain from, the roll out of global Internet brands in Asia. "In addition,
we assess this deal validates a premium valuation of PCCW to account for (Chairman) Richard Li`s world-leading ability to consummate value-accretive strategic transactions,"
the Lehman report said. It noted that PCCW had undergone rapid development including the consummation of a series of strategic partnerships as well as an aggressive pace of
deal-flow for CyberWorks Ventures.

Lehman said, while expecting continued volatility, it was calling a buy for PCCW and Singapore-listed Pacific Century Regional Developments (Pacific Century).

PCCW shares were changing hands at HK$18.80 at 0800 GMT while Pacific Century shares, among the day`s market leaders, was trading at S$24.40, up S$1.40 or 6.09
Aktuelle Kurse aus USA gibts unter:


PCCLF Pacific Century CyberWorks Limited
Last trade: 2/3 17:30 EST

Last .. Change . % Change ..Hi .... Low .... Open .... Vol

2.6500 . +.1000 .. +3.92 . 2.8000 . 2.4000 . 2.6500 . 6,626,700

Und wer noch nicht weiß, an welchen Firmen und mit wieviel Prozent PCCW beteiligt ist,
hier die entsprechende Übersicht:


Pacific Century Cyberworks Holds:
(Company/% of share holds/total estimated holding shares worth in Million US$)
Asia Java Fund/21.0/5.00
Cash On-Line(HK)/5.0/5.03
City Telecom/8.0/39.58
SilkRoute Holdings/25.1/25.10
Sun Microsystem Java Fund/10.0/4.80
Total E-Com/50.0/30.00
SoftNet Systems/23.0/127.50
Total Worth: US$1,442.81 Million
New Added:
Divine Interventures/<5/-
Orama Partners/<5/-
Hikari Tsushin(HK)/20/121.06

Also not included Horizon.com and coming soon Tom.com
Wer noch mehr Infos zu PCCW lesen möchte:


Und Realtime-Kurse aus Hongkong direkt unter:


incl. Link zur Firmenseite von PCCW.

Viel Spaß beim lesen. :D
Bin gerade im Info-Wahn:

Interview und Visionen von und mit Richard Li:


DECEMBER 3, 1999 VOL. 25 NO. 48

Star Power
Richard Li`s plan to deliver the Internet via satellite
to Asia excites investors -- and energizes Hong

more: Timeline: Li and his deals

Perhaps more than any other vehicle among Asia`s newly minted Internet
companies, Pacific Century Cyberworks is the embodiment of the momentary
triumph of form over substance. In existence for about six months, the budding
techno-conglomerate holds no patents, has yet to launch an information
technology product or service, and its tangible Web presence is nothing more
than a slow-loading, rather uninteresting corporate homepage. Until recently,
Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCCW) was known mainly as the vessel for a
controversial proposal to build, with generous government assistance, a $1.7
billion office and residential community meant to draw geeks to Hong Kong --
the Cyber-port. Yet the company is already one of the largest on Hong Kong`s
stock exchange with a market capitalization of roughly $6.8 billion. It is the
unofficial champion of Hong Kong`s wished-for ascendance as a regional center
for Internet and e-commerce activity.

There`s a reason for this. His name is Richard Li
Tzar-kai. He is the founder and chairman of
PCCW. He is also the second son of Superman --
Superman being the nickname of Hong Kong`s
most influential billionaire, Li Ka-shing. Offspring
of the Man of Steel-and-Glass Office Towers can
be assumed to have impeccable business
connections and implicit access to a large
honey-pot. That alone can inspire confidence
among investors. But Richard Li, 33, has other,
more interesting dimensions.

Indeed, he has spent most of his adult life trying
to distance himself from his father`s (and when his
father retires, his older brother Victor`s) operations
at Hutchison Whampoa, the largest of the Li
family holdings. An excellent way to draw an icy
silence from Li is to mention the "F" word -- for
father -- during a serious conversation (he was not available to be interviewed for
this story). Li`s fierce drive to make his own way in the world compelled him
while in his early 20s to start his own pan-Asian satellite TV network. When, at
age 26, he sold the STAR network to media tycoon Rupert Murdoch for $950
million, Li had already begun to secure a reputation he could call his own.

Although critics point out he has yet to build a profitable company, Li`s has
been a short but happy business career. Last year, Time magazine ranked him
30th in its global list of "The 50 Most Important People in Cyberspace."
Although he tells friends he prefers to associate with fellow Asians, he moves
among the world`s famous and powerful. He has a tendency to name-drop, as in
"I was talking to [U.S. Vice President] Al Gore the other day . . ." But
associates explain that mentioning his contacts is so natural, he doesn`t realize
others could find it off-putting. In his public and private life, he surrounds himself
with the trappings of Hong Kong royalty -- butler in the office, an American
social secretary, two flashy yachts, a private plane and apartments in places
such as Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore and Toronto. He is frequently seen in
the company of intelligent, accomplished, attractive women. Fortune magazine
once called him "Asia`s Most Eligible Bachelor." His father used to introduce
him to leaders like Jiang Zemin, China`s President. Now he meets with them on
his own.

Much is owed to the Murdoch deal, which planted
the seeds for Li`s latest vision, PCCW. Proceeds of
the sale gave Li an estimated $350 to $400 million,
capital he used to set up Pacific Century Group
(PCG), the holding company for CyberWorks. In
fact, though Li initially positioned PCG as a
high-tech leader, its one technology venture was a
flop. It involved a project to provide companies with
satellite-based communications systems. The
money-loser was rather quickly sold to Hutchison
Whampoa; Li insisted that the reason for the sale
was to avoid a conflict of interest between the two
companies. Afterwards, Li focused for the next
several years primarily on real estate projects in
Toronto, southern China, Beijing and Tokyo.

PCCW has real estate projects and holdings, and
a high-tech investment arm, CyberWorks
Ventures. But the centerpiece, called Pacific
Convergence, is a bold plan to serve much of Asia
and beyond with high-speed Internet access and
other multimedia content, beaming digital bits to
computers and TV sets over a hybrid network of
satellites and existing cable-TV systems. Although
the technology for the venture is technically
feasible, analysts say assembling all the pieces
poses an extremely difficult challenge; moreover,
the prime targets are India and China, where few
people use computers but the vast majority own
TVs. So far, attempts elsewhere to deliver the
Internet and interactive content via television sets
have met stiff resistance in the marketplace.

Yet the satellite/cable project is no Trojan Horse
without soldiers, no mere Internet scheme without
substance. Believers include Intel Corp., the
world`s largest microprocessor company, which
contributed $50 million. PCCW has also set up a
joint venture with DaimlerChrysler`s aerospace
division, which gives Pacific Convergence access
to satellite bandwidth. Last month, PCCW
purchased 23% of SoftNet, a U.S. company that is
providing high-speed Internet services to cable-TV
operators and satellite communications to
American corporations -- giving PCCW access to
expertise that will help it roll out its own services
next year. Deals that will enable PCCW to transmit
over existing cable networks in China are already
being cut.

"We`re building one of the biggest businesses on
earth," says Alexander Arena, a former
telecommunications regulator who is now PCCW`s
group managing director. Pointing to recent
partnerships and cross-investments in companies
including CMGI, an Internet holding company
whose other investors include Microsoft and
Compaq, Arena calls PCCW "a candle which will
attract a number of moths."

And Li, adds Salomon Smith Barney e-commerce
analyst Kaushik Shridharani, is "the lightning rod"
that brings in the business. Those who work with
him say he is keen for ideas, a sponge for
knowledge, an inspired deal-maker. He surrounds
himself with smart managers and keeps them with
stock options, a rarity in Asian companies. "I have
not seen anyone who treasures talent as much as he does and has the
willingness to reward it," says Francis T.F. Yuen, deputy chairman of Pacific
Century Group.

But to understand Li`s sometimes paradoxical nature (as generous as he is to
employees, he is also known to berate them; educated in computers, he
spurns electronic gadgetry) it is necessary to look at his business-from-birth
upbringing. As a little boy Richard used to sit silently with his brother at board
meetings conducted, authoritarian style, by his father. At 13 he was packed off
to high school in California where he mingled uneasily with classmates at the
exclusive Menlo Park School in Silicon Valley. He continued his education at
Stanford, where he received his undergraduate degree in computer engineering,
after which he studied briefly at Harvard and the London Business School.

From there, he marched straight into a job as an executive director at Gordon
Capital, a small, aggressive investment bank in Toronto. (He was the youngest
executive director at the firm in which his father had a stake.) Three years later,
in 1990, his mother died suddenly, and Richard returned to Hong Kong to a job
in the fund management department of Hutchison Whampoa. There he found
himself working under Simon Murray, a tough ex-Foreign Legionnaire. Being
No.2 to a non-family member was not much to Richard`s liking; tales of fights
between the pair are corporate legend (Murray, who left the company before the
two came to blows, is now on much better terms with Li and serves on the
board of one of his companies).

Li`s job of running Hutchison`s investment portfolio hardly matched his
aspirations, and he kept an eye on the exits. The opportunity came when he
was alerted to an unused orbiting satellite called WestarVI. In 1991, Li put the
satellite to work when he founded STAR on the safe assumption that there was
a demand for entertaining television in Asian homes. The initial investment for
the satellite TV project was modest, by Li standards, at $62.5 million. By the
time STAR was sold to Murdoch`s News Corp. in 1993, the company claimed to
have reached 53 million homes in more than 50 countries. It was not making a
cent and has not done so in the six years since it became part of News Corp.

By inviting the 26-year-old onto his yacht Morning Glory to talk terms of the
sale, Murdoch had every reason to think he would be making another killing.
But after a six-hour Mediterranean cruise, most analysts awarded the victory to
the novice (one insider claims it was Li Senior who saved his son from
accepting a lesser offer and clinched the deal). Li`s publicity literature states
that he turned a $125 million investment into an asset worth $950.5 million
when the last tranche of the shares were sold to News Corp. in 1995. Yet these
figures ignore the losses incurred during Li`s tenure. If they were factored in, the
gap between the investment and the sale price would be smaller, but the profit
would still be healthy.

While running STAR, Li drove some of his colleagues to distraction. "Personally
I couldn`t stand him," said the head of a company that supplied programming.
"He was young, arrogant and full of himself without having much to be full
about." The executive recalled an appointment at STAR headquarters in Hung
Hom and how Li kept him waiting for an hour. When he was finally summoned,
Li did not bother to look up from his desk. The fuming executive complained
about the mistreatment and was dismissed by Li`s curt reminder: "don`t forget,
I`m paying you money." It was no better for employees, who worked around the
clock and lived in dread of the infamous "bark box" -- an intercom system over
which Li would harangue anyone in range.

"He drives himself the hardest,"
says Yuen. "I think he was a very
determined person trying to make
a very complex business work,"
said one of his advisers who
observed him at close quarters
during this time. "Some were able
to hack that, some were not. In
retrospect people can look back
and say that some were driven to
excel beyond their threshold."

These days, everyone who works
with Richard Li seems to agree he
is less prone to the tantrums that
made his management style
notorious. He is certainly more
mature and confident, but it would
be difficult to call him less driven.
In the past year, he has done
more deals than most people
could hope to do in a couple of
lifetimes. PCCW has raised
around $900 million and
CyberWorks Ventures, the venture
capital arm, is spending it fast.
"Typically we see eight business
plans a day," says Arena. "They
are searching us out as partners."

Among strategic investments: $27
million for a 25% stake in
SilkRoute Holdings, a
Singapore-based company
involved in "Asianizing"
brand-name U.S. Internet content
such as CNET and MTV; a stake
in Hong Kong entertainment portal
StarEast; interests in online travel,
auction and e-commerce sites.
PCCW also has forged ties to
Softbank, Japan`s sprawling Net
conglomerate. "Richard Li is a
good friend of our company," says
Goto Junichi, chief executive of
Softbank China Venture
Investments Ltd.

Li`s most controversial deal, however, is the Cyber-port. In closing it, he
persuaded the government to not only do away with its traditional open-tender
process for buying land, but also to offer up a prime piece of real estate without
any up-front payment at all. Instead the SAR will get its money once the project
starts generating revenues. Property companies were outraged by the apparent
favoritism and critics scorned the project as a misguided, ultimately doomed
attempt to re-create Silicon Valley. But its effect on the local business
community was galvanic, touching off scores of copycat high-tech/real estate
projects and Internet companies spun off from Hong Kong conglomerates.

Before Cyber-port, Hong Kong Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa`s administration
was taking heat for not doing enough to move Hong Kong into the information
age. The deal was important enough to be a highlight of Hong Kong Financial
Secretary Donald Tsang`s annual budget speech. After all, the anchor tenants
included Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Oracle and Softbank, among other industry
leaders. Tsang said the project will boost the economy, create 12,000 jobs and
push the territory toward its goal of becoming a regional information and
technology hub. After the announcement, the heat died down.

Given the surge in PCCW`s share price -- when the company was created in
April, shares surged from less than 9 cents to more than $1.17 in a day -- it is
clear that the investment community believes in Richard Li. A recent report from
Credit Suisse First Boston says that the company "represents one of the best
long-term ways to play the growth of the Asian Internet." The stock closed at 85
cents on Nov. 23.

"We are a service company applying existing technology which is known and
proven," says Yuen of the satellite/cable venture. "We are not taking a technical
risk at all." But analysts say it`s uncertain whether the technology can be
applied throughout the region, because existing infrastructure varies widely in
suitability. According to a Merrill Lynch report, PCCW is already working with
cable companies that own advanced fiber-optic networks capable of handling
the bandwidth-intensive, two-way communications traffic the company proposes
to send their way. But it`s unclear if systems reaching 110 million other
households -- homes in India, homes in China -- have modern enough networks
to partner with PCCW, the report states.

Arena admits that "at this stage [PCCW] is a concept stock" -- one of hundreds
of Internet-related ventures that have sprung up with little operating history, no
profits, but big ideas. Li has the management team, the money, and the
business pedigree. Now he must outrun the pack -- he intends to do that
without Superman in tow.
Für alle Newcomer im club und alle die sich erstmal informieren wollen,poste ich noch mal die beiden Ami-links.

Hier findet man gesammelt alle wichtigen Infos und Links zu unserer PCCW!!
Anschauen ist Muss.:)


Viel Spass beim Lesen
Hallo PCCler
Ich habe seit einigen Wochen die Diskussionen in den verschiedenen Threads gelesen und z.T. als sehr interessant empfunden. Ich wuerde mir manchmal wünschen, dass die internen Diskussionen zwischen einzelnen Personen aufhören würden und man sich mehr auf die Aktie und die damit verbundenen Nachrichten beschränken würde. Nachdem die ernstzunehmenden Anleger sich einig sind, das PCC ein langfristiger Zukunftswert ist und bleiben wird, würde ich gerne ein paar Anregungen für vergleichbar aussichtsreiche Papier/Aktien erhalten, um vor neuen Engagements ein wenig die Lage sondieren zu können. Vielleicht finden sich ja am Wochenende einige Boardnutzer, die mir ein paar Tips geben können
wie wäre es mit: Japan Asia Investment, WKN 902706
JAI ist im gleichen Bereich tätig wie JAFCO und TransCosmos, nur betreiben sie es im Bezug auf Asien etwas flächendeckender. Gerade gestern habe ich in einem anderen thread news gepostet, worin eine weitere Beteiligung an einem I-netunternehmen bekanntgegeben wurde.
Der Kurs ist im Moment hinsichtlich eines eventuellen Einstiegs sehr vorteilhaft. Die Aktie wird seit dem 22.12.99 in Deutschland gehandelt. Schau Dir mal den chart dazu an. Der erste hype ist vorbei, der Boden wurde bei ca. 11,20 getestet. Die HV findet am 28.03.00 statt, hierbei werden die Zahlen des vergangenen Jahres auf den Tisch gelegt und der Gang nach AMIland ist für die 1. Hälft 2000 geplant.

Also viel Glück, b.
Hallo zusammen,
habe mir nun auch mal eine ID zugelegt und wollte an dieser Stelle nur mitteilen, daß PCCW auch in einem Depot beim 3Sat-Börsenspiel ist (Zenner von der BBBank). Hat natürlich keine besondere Aussagekraft, ist aber andererseits sicher eine Bestätigung der eigenen Anlageentscheidung, denn PCCW kann man über´s Börsenspiel nicht pushen, da der Kurs nicht hier gemacht wird.
Was haltet Ihr von der Depot aufnahme im 3-Sat Depot? Der wert könnte am Montag in Deutschland aufgrund der Nachfrage steigen. Bin seit 0,97 e mit 3000 Stck dabei und überlege, ob ich am Montag alle rauswerfen soll mit Limit 3,5 €, um am Dienstag wieder zu "reellem" Kurs bei ca. 2,75 wieder einzusteigen. Der Kurs wird doch in Hongkong gemacht und wird dort aufgrund der 3-sat börse mit Sicherheit nicht steigen. Wird der Kurs sich am Dienstag in D wieder anpassen, könnte man wieder mit Gewinn einsteigen, oder sehe ich das falsch? Selbstverständlich seh ich PCCW nicht als Zockerwert, würde die paar Euros aber genauso gerne mal "nebenbei" einsammel. Die Gefahr ist natürlich, das mir der Kurs wegläüft?

Eure Meinung würde mich interressieren.

das "kostjagarnix"
genauso werden mir es machen.
Bin bei 0.95 Euro it 10000 Aktien eingestiegen.

Langfistig strong buy.

Vielen Dank an die Komiker der 3-sat Börse und die gelangweilte
Hier noch einmal alle Positionen in den 3SAT Musterdepots:

3SAT Börse II

Neue Runde im 3SAT Börsenspiel! Die Empfehlungen:

Die Teilnehmer diesmal:
- Bernd Förtsch (Der Aktionär, Neuer Markt Inside)
- Dieter Wermut (Tokai Bank)
- Thomas A. Zenner (BBBank)


Dieter Wermut, Tokai Bank

911 Chugai
`Biotech (Blutanalyseverfahren), Gewinnwachstum von 20% jährlich,
Kurs: 16,80 Euro, Kauflimit: 17,00 Euro)

873 Daiwa Sec. DTZ
`zweitgrösster japanischer Broker, interessant nach Kostensenkung und
Umstrukturierung, Kurs: 17,90 Euro, Kauflimit: 19,50 Euro)

106 Seven Eleven, Kurs: 135,00 Euro
285 Taiyo Yuden, Kurs: 51,00 Euro

1 NTT DoCoMo
`erfolgreichste Tochter von NTT, sehr starkes Wachstum, Kurs: 35.000
Euro, Kursziel: 44.000 Euro innerhalb 12 Monate`


Thomas Zenner, BBBank

660 SER Systeme
`interessante Perspektiven, Kurs: 44,50, Limit: 49 Euro`

60 Commerce One

3700 Pacific Century Cyberworks
`sehr spekulativ, bereits gut gelaufen, Chinaphantasie, Internet-TV,
Kurs: 2,73, Limit: 2,80)

460 LHS Group
`interessante Kooperationen, Chinaphantasie über Alcatel Joint Venture,
Kurs: 32,60, Limit: 34 Euro, Ziel: 50-60 Euro`

580 Direktanlagebank
`bisher kein Renner, erhebliche Zugewinnung von Kunden, 4. Quartal
soll sehr stark sein, 2000 evtl. Break Even, Kurs: 26,25 Euro, Limit: 28
Euro, Ziel: 40 Euro`


Bernd Förtsch, Der Aktionär

500 Edel Music
`Aktie ist billig wie nie zuvor, Kurs: 42,10 Limit: 45 Euro, Ziel: 90-10

300 Morphosys
`Marktführer bei Gendatenbanken, kurz vor dem Ausbruch, Kurs: 92,
Limit: 100, Kursziel: 200 Euro)

150 Commerce One
`enormes Marktwachstum, kaum Margenverfall, immenser
Nachholbedarf, Limit: 170 Euro`

Dann wollen wir mal hoffen, daß es am Montag genug Lemminge gibt, die deutlich mehr als 3€ bezahlen!

So richtig dran glauben kann ich allerdings noch nicht. PCCW ist schließlich nicht Union Capital, wo man
mal eben in 2 Tagen 100% machen kann!

Good luck to all with PCCW !
An Kostjagarnix,

Für die "Verleihaktion" meiner PCCW-Aktien am Montag an die 3Sat-Gläubigen sehe ich nur 2 Gefahren:

1. Es ist damit zu rechnen, daß auch die HongKong-Chinesen mit einer gesunden Portion Optimismus in ihr neues Jahr starten, was bedeutet es vielleicht eine "Einkaufseuphorie" geben kann, die den Kurs in HK nach oben treibt.

2. Sofern der Kurs von PCCW von der Entwicklung des Nasdaqs beeinflußt wird, gebe ich zu bedenken, daß Nasdaq seit ein paar Tagen extrem gut gelaufen ist. Sollte der auch am Montag abend gut laufen, könnte in HongKong eine weitere Steigerung der HighTech-Kurse stattfinden

3. Wenn Richard Li es besonders gut mit seinen Aktionären meint, dann hat der vielleicht eine MegaNews zum Auftakt des neuen Jahres raus und der Kurs schießt nach oben.

Dennoch ist es Zeit für einen Zock in dieser außergewöhnlichen Situation. Der Kurs in D hat sich seit Donnerstag von dem in HK abgekoppelt und hier eine Eigendynamik entwickelt. Dazu kommt noch die 3Sat-Depotaufnahme und die Tatsache, daß am Montag in HK nicht gehandelt wird. Bessere Bedingungen wird man wohl kaum für einen Zock antreffen. Meine Zielkundschaft wird die sein, die unlimitiert kaufen und mit aller Gewalt auf den Zug aufspringen wollen. Denen verleihe ich meine Aktie für einen Schutzgebühr von 0,4 - 0,7€/pro Stück. Das heißt ein Verkaufslimit von 3,5€ - 4,0€. Drunter werd ich nicht gehen, denn ich das einmal gemacht und meinen gesamten Bestand 25000 St. verkauft und dabei Blut und Wasser geschwitzt.
....sorry, irgendwie sind in meinem Posting ein paar Worte verschwunden. MIST!!
Ich glaube nur nicht, daß PCCW am Montag auf 3,50€ steigt.

Vielleicht sind 3,15-3,20€ drin, aber mehr denke ich nicht.

Abwarten und China Tee trinken. Die Bedenken deinerseits, gerade was eine
mögliche News seitens Li angeht, finde ich aber sehr gut.

Man sollte sowiese nur einen Teil seines Bestandes für die Montagsaktion
verwenden, dann ist man, falls es vielleicht nicht ganz so läuft wie gehofft,
immer noch auf der goldsilbernen Seite.

und Sie werden`s zahlen. Guckt mehr Fernsehen. Macht kluck oder
Glück. Ich muß mehr fernsehen.
Hi zusammen,

hab heute entdeckt, daß PCCW als einer der größten Werte mit 2,2% im "UNI Dynamic ASIA Fonds enthalten ist. Der Fonds ist erst seit Anfang Januar in PCCW investiert. Das ist zwar keine Garantie für Kurssteigerungen, verdeutlicht aber die interessante Story und so spekulativ erscheint mir PCCW gar nicht!!!

Habe 10.000 Stück, die ich auf jeden Fall über die Speku-Frist hinaus halten werde. Bin mal gespannt wo wir dann stehen?!

Weiterhin gute Investments wünscht Euch,

Hi Nemaxer!!

PCCW ist auch noch im EM Fernost der Union mit ca 2%
Damit wollte ich deine Aussage nur unterstreichen!!

Bis dann
Tja, bei 2,90€ in der SPitze war die kurze Rallye schnell zu Ende.

Aber dafür hat sie sich bei 2,76€ gut plaziert und die Wahrscheinlichkeit,
daß Hongkong heute Nacht nachzieht, ist eher gegeben,

Bin schon gespannt auf die ersten Kurse aus dem Morgenland !!!

China Online (0383) reduces shareholding of PCCW (1186) for $177B

(Infocast News) China Online (0383) announced that the company has sold 9.7 million shares of Pacific Century CyberWorks (1186) (PCCW) at selling price range from $16 to
$20.1 each to get $177 million between the period 3 January and 2 February, the reduction of shares represents 4.85% of the total number of shares of PCCW held by China
Online. After the disposal, China Online still holds 190.3 million shares of PCCW, worth $3.67 billion and represents about 2.1% of PCCW`s issued share capital. However, China
Online expressed the intention to further reduce the shareholding of PCCW`s shares.

China Online pointed out that after the company has swapped and got PCCW`s shares, the business strategy of PCCW has been led astray, so the company decides to sell PCCW`s
shares for getting cash as capital for other investment projects. The company claimed that such an action matches with further development of the strategic investment of present
businesses. Yet, no detailed plans have been finalised to-date. The cash obtained will be allocated as working capital.

According to Sing Tao Daily, spokesman of PCCW said that it is not inexcusable that China Online sells the shares of PCCW for cash, but it is astonishing to say that the business
strategy of PCCW has been led astray. The spokesman claimed that there are no substantial changes in the businesses of PCCW.



Da werden die sich aber ärgern !!!

Jetzt, wo die Aktie bei 21,50 HK$ steht !!! Auf jeden Fall ist jetzt auch klar, woher der große
Verkaufsdruck im Januar herkam. Da ChinaOnline ja wohl noch mehr Aktien in den Markt werfen wird,
bin ich mal gespannt, ob da wieder Verkaufsdruck entsteht, oder ob es PCCW weiterhin schafft,
gen Norden zu ziehen.

Von den am Freitag angesprochenen 3€ sind wir jetzt nur noch 6 bis 7 Cent entfernt !!!

Wenn man so mit diversen Leuten spricht, ist da ja von wahnsinnigen Kurszielen die Rede.
Erst heute habe ich als Kursziel auf 12 Monatssicht alles zwischen 10 € und 100 € gehört.

Angeblich (laut einem Kunden von mir) hat irgendwer eine Studie über das Unternehmen ausgearbeitet,
die ein Kursziel von 100 € erwartet. Naja, wers glaubt. Mag vielleicht zum pushen geeignet sein,
aber mit reallistischem Fundamentaldenken hat das m.E. nichts zu tun.

Wie denkt ihr darüber ???

Technisch wurde heute auf jeden Fall ein Kaufsignal ausgelöst (MACD, siehe Chart)

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