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03.10.12 17:43:13
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COM 2012, Sept 30-October 3; Niagara Falls, Ontario
By Jack Lifton and Richard Hammen
03.10.12 17:37:20
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Zitat von Langstrumpf2: Ucore Reports Dysprosium Separation Breakthrough…

Dr. Hammen, the inventor of the successful process of separating and purifying REEs by SPE, presented the application of the technology to the separation and purification of REE in liquid solutions. He discussed the results utilizing SPE columns specifically developed to improve the speed and expected economy, compared to existing solvent extraction technology, of REE separation and purification. The innovative REE separation method produces chemical transfers of selective elements from a mixed concentrate solution to a solid phase within a few seconds. The SPE columns have the capacity to purify large tonnage of dissolved rare earth-bearing compounds in small flow-through extraction units. This technology is expected to allow for the separation of individual REEs from Bokan in an efficient and economic manner, prospectively reducing processing plant CAPEX and OPEX to a fraction of traditional procedures.
03.10.12 17:35:29
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Ucore Reports Dysprosium Separation Breakthrough…
03.10.12 17:07:27
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@nicolani: Die brauchen doch keine KE, wenn sie den Rüstungsauftrag haben.
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Die OTC in USA handelt, Kurs aktuell 0,61 US$!…
03.10.12 15:43:24
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 43.673.588 von Langstrumpf2 am 03.10.12 15:28:38reine spekulation!
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 43.673.492 von Langstrumpf2 am 03.10.12 15:06:22Bis vorhin funktionierte der Link noch!

Hier die genaue Adresse und der Text:…

WEDAM1-Separation and Metal Production

The State of the Art in Separating and Purifying the Heavy Rare Earths: Solvent Exchange, Ion Exchange, and Solid Phase Extraction, Which is the Optimal Process?

Paper No.: 7587
Author: Jack Lifton
Dr. Richard Hammen

Room: Great Room A - 3rd Floor
Time: Wednesday October 3, 2012 - 8:55

"Historically the rare earths were first chemically separated from each other and purified by fractional crystallization. This slow, cumbersome, and laborious process was not suited to commercial production. Solvent Exchange technology was applied to the problem of separating and purifying the rare earth elements when it was determined beginning in the late 1960s that there might be commercial uses for them individually. At the time the slow and expensive technique of ion exchange was applied either for ultra-purification of the then desired “light” rare earths, or for the recovery and purification of the then tiny amounts of higher atomic numbered, “heavy,” rare earths. Solvent Exchange has today become the standard for separating the rare earths across their atomic number spectrum. Whereas the separation of the light rare earths commercially may take 30 “cascades’ in a modern Chinese plant, the total separation of all of them from each other may take up to 80 such “cascades,” and is only even “practical’ with pre-concentrated feed stocks such as those produced in China by heap-leaching techniques performed in situ on very low grade radio-nuclide free ionic absorption clays. Ultra-pure materials of all types are produced today by ion-exchange processing of ionic species already separated by solvent exchange.
Hard rock deposits and refractory residues of tin mining and residues from uranium mining have been identified outside of China with very high ratios of dysprosium and other heavy rare earths to the majority lighter ones. Several issues face those who wish to process these materials so as to separate the heavy rare earths commercially:

(1) The ore must be cracked efficiently so as to produce the highest concentration process leach solution that is compatible with the chosen separation process; (2) The radio-nuclides, if present, and other nuisance elements, such as iron, must be removed prior to other separations and disposed of legally and safely; (3) The separation technology used must be capable of continuous operations, so as to be economical and practical-this means that multiple campaigns to accumulate sufficient PLS for a heavy rare earth campaign are not practical for a small venture depending on heavy rare earths for their revenues.

The first issue above, the cracking of the ore, is a universal problem. Hard rock rare earth ores with high values of the heavy rare earths tend be silicates from which it is a challenge to extract the desired rare earths into solution efficiently and economically.

We will propose that SPE, Solid Phase Extraction, can be shown to be the best technology for recovering the heavy rare earths economically."…
03.10.12 15:28:38
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Zitat von nicolani: übernahme oder KE!

Auf keinen Fall. Wie kommst Du denn auf sowas.
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03.10.12 15:25:46
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übernahme oder KE!
03.10.12 15:06:22
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 43.673.460 von Videomart am 03.10.12 14:55:57Dieser Link geht übrigens nicht:

Dr. Hammon and Jack Lifton at the COM 2012 today…
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