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we’re ALL going to face a (very) challenging next fifteen -ooooor twenty- years

- 💯 “We are here to create”. Wonderful interview with Kai-Fu Lee, pioneering AI researcher and head of one of China’s Top VC firms. He’s been frank about the risks: “We’re all going to face a very challenging next fifteen or twenty years, when half of the jobs are going to be replaced by machines. Humans have never seen this scale of massive job decimation” and dismissive of the notion of the singularity which isn’t based on any “engineering reality”................................-

-ASX Investment video: How can you invest in emerging technologies? Kanish Chugh Associate Director of Sales ETF Securities teaches us how ETFs are a tool for getting exposure to sectors like Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. For more visit www.asx.com.au -
Wer wissen will, was momentan so abgeht in diesem Bereich der sollte mal in den Two Minute Papers Channel reinschauen.
Dort werden die neusten AI Papers in kurzen Videos vorgestellt.

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